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Friday, October 08, 2010


this was actually a draft for something else, but i dun feel like continuing it so i decided to post about something else... so my dad called the salesman yesterday (12/10/2010) n he said that my car will arrive within this week.. woot!! can't wait for it.. i'm taking two days off starting tomorrow.. however i guess i'll have to finish my test script today... i dun really fancy the new team, not cuz of the members but it's more complicated than whut i did before.. this consist of more calculation n in depth knowledge of the products here which i lack.. i think if i were to really learn n understand the products better when i first started here, there wouldn't be any problem.. so now it's a little bit of a struggle for me.. i'm really not sure whut to do.. i gave myself till end of yesterday to tell my line manager that if possible, i would wanna go back to my previous team.. but then i need to have something to show them that i've at least contributed a bit.. so maybe i'll just stick to this first then... (how did the topic went from my car to work, from happy to solemn)

anyway, back to the happier note, i'm ecstatic that my car will be here this week, cuz it's very good timing =D yes2, this saturday will be just like any other day there is.. but something about this year makes me look forward to it more.. i've accepted the fact and come to terms that i dun really need to care about others (yes, i'm dat selfish).. i just wanna be with my family cuz with everyday passes, i'm more obsess with them than i've ever been hehehe well, a colleague of mine will wed that day.. i might just stop by, especially if my car is here =D but we'll see...

owh n i had the weirdest dream last night.. don't u just hate it when u can't control ur dreams? i mean i can't even count the number of times where i dream of myself running (not sure from what) n i swear to god, i could definitely run faster than that even tho i'm not that fit at all.. i mean everything else is in normal pace, but for some reason, i'm in slow motion!! slow mo i tell u.. n even tho i always win (example, the person chasing me never seem to keep up) it's so frustrating that that could be qualified as running... same goes to flying (yeah i noe humans can't fly, but it's a dream ok) i keep flapping my hands, which replaces wings, n no matter how hard i flap them, i can't seem to fly higher..same thing, the thing trying to catch me below can't seem to reach me even tho i'm flying low.. anyway, last night didn't consist of any running or flying for that matter.. i remember bits here and there, but i can't seem to connect one scene to the other... one scene left me goosebumps but i'll just keep that to myself.. it happens twice this time, but this seems more daring than the other.. the previous one seems sweet...

ok enough talk, gotta get back to work.. looking forward to a long weekend.. and my car.. woot!!