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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Go Shawty

so yesterday was October 16th, aka My Birthday!! nothing special about it, never was anyway... i'm officially 24 years old.. owh, how time has passed.. not sure if i feel old or anything, but i sure dun feel like a teenager anymore (duh!).. so anyway, took thursday n friday off from work just to chill at home (my so called 3 days birthday bash).. chilled at home on thursday n went to selayang on friday.. kait mangga byk gler.. not sure whut to do with 'em.. might just bring some to the office...went for bowling with my sisers n mohsin that night too... played quite ok la for my standard...

anyway, yesterday i went to my colleague's wedding in Country Heights kajang n i must say the houses there are freaking huge.. where do these ppl get that much money?? hehehe
chilled a bit at home n played Sims 3.. then we went to watch The Other Guys... i'll give that movie 10/10.. too high? ok then, 9.5/10 la.. it's so worth it.. n having Mark Whalberg aka Marky Mark in it, helped a whole lot.. even the annoying Will Farrel that i dun really like did well in that movie... it's so hilarious, not a dull moment in it... highly recommended for those with a faint heart hahaha

so mohsin will be leaving today, he'll be gone for 3 months (boohoo) he's going for training in Belgium first before heading off to Gangzhou for Aesan Games.. Go Malaysia!!! *roll eyes* let's hope the equestrian team excel hehehehe then he's going to Guatemala for FEI competition or sumthing...

All the best to Abg Omar n Mohsin!!! bring home that Gold!!!!