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Monday, October 25, 2010

5 in 1

so last Saturday didn't really start out in a good way.. since my birthday had passed, papa decided to go for a family dinner as a note to celebrate our birthdays (the 5 of us) in one shot.. hence, the title... so we decided to go last saturday, n as any normal days where we have plans for dinner, we wouldn't usually have lunch... i told my mum that i wanted popiah for our snacks since we dun't wanna eat anything heavy in between.. so mama bought some ingredients on friday, n had only prawns left to buy on saturday... yada yada, i went for breakfast with mum that morning...

after we were done, went home, n it was time for a lil bit of spring cleaning.. the kitchen was our aim.. brought the laptop downstairs for some music while we cleaned up, n mama was upstairs playing Farmville.. relax some bit after awhile, then mama got ready for her class which was around 1pm ++ at that time... it was quite a slow day as usual.. after chilling for a bit, papa came back from his ritual golf.. did the laundry and it was almost 5pm where we thought we might not be making any popiahs today... so at 5:30pm i grated the ingredients for the popiah for tomorrow when mama came back... wasn't sure what her problem was, but i got a feeling it had to do with the computer being occupied, cuz she came downstairs asking about the laptop n whether it could be used or not.. one thing lead to another n suddenly everyone wasn't in a very good mood which sux cuz how r we suppose to g to a family dinner when we dun really feel like being there, rite?

so anyway, that's not really the point of this forward a lil' bit, we got ready n heaad over to Solaris Mont Kiara... papa being papa, he told us a bout this restaurant which had halal steak that his fren recommended, but didn't get the name of the shop or the exact location, so we were wandering around the area at first.. there was this meatshop, but mama refuse to go in cuz they were serving liqour, n she was still in a lil bad mood at that moment, n so was i.. n i didn't want papa to make a fuss out of it while he's in a good mood, so we wander off a bit till we saw this restaurant call Ole-Ole Bali.. sounded safe enough, so we entered there... i guess the whole surrounding with it's nice decor helped soothed the mood a lil bit cuz we were all fine the moment we entered it.. maybe we were suddenly all excited about the dinner.. or maybe that's just me.. owh well, pics of the food we ordered coming up soon.. we ordered quite a lot for our standards... but was all worth it..

Beef Steak Ciabatta (papa)
Seafood Platter (mama)
Sup Buntut @ Oxtail (yaya)
Sirloin Steak (mine)
Lamb Chop (izad)
Tipat Cantuk @ Gado Gado

Cumi Cumi @ Sotong tepung

so everyone had their own dish.. i dunnoe why yaya only ordered oxtail but anyway, she had one, n we ordered another one to share.. n had 2 sets of that Cumi Cumi.. so all in all, there were 9 dishes.. yes there were afew things that we didn't manage to finish but whut's the use of being Malaysians if u dun tapau (i ne, dat doesn't make sense).. Overall, we had a really good time together, doing what we do best.. the place was good, very cooling environment.. food wasn't bad (except u could taste a lot of serai in most of the dishes, but then again that's Bali for u).. i would say the price range is affordable la kot if u enjoy eating n indulging once in a while.. total for the whole thing including 5 drinks, cost about rm315.. too expensive? so-so? i dunnoe, depends la.. but for a 5 in 1 dinner, i'd say that's good enough..