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Thursday, October 07, 2010

Open for Busines??

a few days ago, i mentioned that my lil sis n i have a plan.. so actually we were thinking of opening a franchise.. Faiz started by opening Ayam Penyet, den Zain opened Tutti Frutti.. so we were thinking of opening either Tutti Frutti too (but nnt cm rivals plak) or maybe Subway.. the point is to open a fanchise that doesn't require much staff n tedious work.. Tutti Frutti would be simple as it's self-service, n employees are required just as cahsier or to clean up d place (roughly la).. i asked Zain n he said we'll need aroung 300k to start off (where to get that money).. another option would be to open Subway.. i'm not really sure whut goes on behind the scene, but up front, it doesn't seem much tedious..

so i's nice when u think about it.. the idea of having ur own business is appealing.. but the real thing instead is whut's uncertain.. yeah it may seem like another daydream for us.. but it's something that i'm really excited about..we'll see, maybe as a young adult *cough cough* i might actually do something about it.. inthe meantime, i'm just browsing websites to see the possibilities...