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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Eat My Yoyo

it's been such an exhausting week... i could barely stay awake at work hahahah i didn't noe there's some kind of 'punishment' for taking leaves =b after taking 2 days off, it feels like the workload doubles.. padahal xpon, it's just the same work that is yet to be done... i feel so tired constantly, n it doesn't help that i have sleeping problems... i'm not sure if it's the mattress or the heat, but sumhow i keep waking up at 4++ n it's frustrating cuz it'll den feel like i just slept for an hour or so.. last night i asked my sis to switch places, just to see if it was really the mattress problem (she did say it was heaty these few days) n last night i felt like i slept for 8whole hours, when i was then awaken by the sound of my lil sis entering the room... i looked at my phone n it was just 1:30 am.. so i'm not sure whether it felt like a good sleep cuz of the different place i was sleeping or cuz i was already lacking of sleep and it's all just started to catch up.. anyway, i woke a few times after that which might reject my mattress theory... fine, so i might not be the princess n the pea type of girl, but there's just something wrong which i can't put my finger to it... maybe it is high time we get a new bed.. we're just procrastinating...

nothing to do with the title actually.. i kinda do that sometime.. it's like naming a song... or maybe not.. kinda miss playing Nightmare Ned... i dun think i managed to finish the game but i'm pretty sure i was close... i dun play computer games anymore... it's always just Sims now... if only life was that easy, then i could cheat n get rich just like dat *snaps finger* (ctrl+alt+shift+c....type "motherlode"... press enter) and... wala.. i'm 50k richer.. in simleons that is... anyway, been staying back in the office these few days, which i dun really approve of hahaha went back at 8:50 pm on monday, 6:20pm on tuesday and 7:45pm last night...aiming to get back on time today, but we'll have to see... havn't really finished my work yet *yikes*...

i can't imagine all these ppl being a workaholic or just willingly doing these things cuz of their obligations.. well, some might really be into it, that's why it's bareable to them, but i just can't find any spot of this job that i could find slightly appealing... it's wishful thinking but i'd really like to get a job that i could really make a living with and enjoy it at the same time.. then i won't mind all the hard work cuz my heart will be into it as well... n no, learning about the Black Scholes model is not in that scope (which was what i was gonna do a few minutes ago, then realise, am i crazy?? i can't understand this thing... says the devil.. n the angel says, way to go, give up even before u try.... *slaps angel*)

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