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Monday, October 11, 2010

over the weekend

didn't do much.. woke up early on saturday from the voices of my little sister.. sitting in front of the laptop trying to book tickets for a movie.. it was around 7:40 (yes, that's early in my dictionary) so decided to have breakfast with the big sis at pasar besar.. havn't been there for quite sometime, as i dun get up dat early usually.. was craving for their murtabak with loads of onions which surprisingly are yummy (huge compliments as i dun like onions, but theirs are sweet of some sort).. big sis had nasi lemak cuz there was a queue for roti canai n i dun think she wanna wait that long.. had breakfast, head home.. cleaned the house a lil bit.. managed to vacuum n stuffed the sofa cushion back to its normal form.. big sis dust the table n the vase on it.. we chilled for a bit, watch some tv.. we were in little girls mode that day where we we put make up for each other, thanx to Michelle Phan from youtube... then when it was a lil after lunchtime (since we had heavy breakfast) mum started to make roti jala n chicken curry.. was basically after i had some at work for raya celebration.. anyway, i washed the kitchen's window (wanted to do that for a long time) n now they're super clear... feels like the back neighbour could see our every move.. we ate later, the relax at home.. big sis n i attended a wedding on our parents behalf dat night.. they served the usual but i like their lychee drink.. i think i had most drink dat night compared to any other night.. so the day ended with me having another of my mums' roti jala, n calling it a night quite early.. n by early, i mean at around midnight...

sunday was a more lazy mode... woke up around 10 cuz the thought of Sims popped into my mind... got up n showered, run down to make a simple breakfast, den went up to play sims.. but before that, dried the laundry but minutes later, had to run down n put them to the side since it rained.. didn't even noe where it came from.. it was in a sunny day category anyway... watched tv in between.. ate nasi lemak that mama brought home.. watched a couple of movies, Grown Ups and The Last Word.. then watched more tv dat night... ate McD for dinner.. bbm with Mohsin fro a few hours, den went to bed..

end of the weekend