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Tuesday, October 26, 2010


this must be the most boring day ever!! been sitting here not doing much.. did my BSC.. sent my test script for review yesterday (minus Fx Option), so didn't have much to do now... i noe i'm suppose to at least have the initiative to figure sumthing out, but it's one of those lazy mode day... owh wait, that's everyday to me..

anyway, Maybank had their Cahaya Kasih sales again today.. i bought 3 Ice Cream Cupcakes n kek batik... n also, after reading Hani's post here, i felt the urge to buy something out of the ordinary... a box of Foot Patch.. my mum used to try this once, and yes the results were blackish/brownish... not really sure what kinda toxin is in my body but i bet i could see a major difference in the before and after colour hahahaha will try 'em tonight n see the results then...

10 for rm 15..

Ice Cream Cupcakes that i bought..