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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Maybank Cahaya Kasih Sales

maybe i should've taken some pics to lighten this up, unfortunately i didn't.. so today was the 3rd n last day of the sale.. managed to buy a box of Ice Cream Cupcakes =( wanted to buy 2 cuz mama wanted 1 to herself huhuhuh anyway hope we could share... n also 2 boxes of foot patches... personally, i think this kinda sale is a very good way of fund raising (better than washing cars).. i think i spent about 100 just to buy things from there.. seriously, these are my weaknesses... i dun spend money on expensive things, or what not, but most of my money flies away from these little things... not really sure if i could catogorise myself as a big spender tho.. lets see what i bought within those three days..

2 small ice cream cupcakes = rm10
1 cookie = rm3

2 large ice cream cupcake = rm14
1 small ice cream cupcake = rm5
1 box of foot patch = rm15
1 kek batik = rm4

1 box of large ice cream cupcakes = rm40
2 boxes of foot patch = rm30

Overall damage? rm121... all in the name of charity? well honestly, the food comes 1st then the charity huhuhu kejam x? so imagine if they have this kinda sale for the whole week.. aiyo, duit mmg hbs kt ice cream cupcakes tu jer la... my latest addiction!!!!! strawberry je tau.. this time i will take a pic of it n anyone out there noe where i can buy this, lemme noe aight...