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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Paul the Octopus

i took the morning paper just now n read the front page for sports 1st like i always do... n what do i see?? R.I.P Paul.. yup, Paul the Octopus, famously known during the World Cup this year had passed on.. Paul became such a hype at that time cuz he, so called "predicted" the winners for GErmany's game as well as the finals.. i did watched several of the videos n it seemed to me that he picked those on the right.. so by right, the person putting the flag there is the smart one rite? owh well, it was based on home or away anyways...

moving on.. i went home from work yesterday n thought of taking pics of the Ice Cream Cupcake i bought.. but as soon as we had dinner, my sis ate one then i shared the other one with my mum, n didn't managed to snap a pic.. mum loved it so much, dat she wanted 6!! that's a whole box..all to herself hehehe was thinking of sumthing like dat too, but i guess i'll ask the ppl downstairs where they got it... owh, i tried the foot patch, n the results were just as i expected... it was freaking black!! yuck, it's so disgusting but i can't help staring at it n thinking, where did u come from?? so yeah, officially i have a whole lotta toxins in my body that i need to cleanse.. not so sure how many patches i'll be needing till the before and after results won't differ, but i think i'll buy 2 more boxes later... hahahha shopping sakan xingatnyer...

got a surprise from Jue n Kin... will post later about it..