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Thursday, October 07, 2010

New Purse?

this here is the Fossil purse that i've been craving for... not sure if u remember, but i mentioned before that i wanted to buy a new purse from Fossil.. while looking for a shirt for papa the other day, i stumbled upon it again (i think it's d same one).. can't really see the yellow here due to the lighting, but don't u think the combination of the colour is nice? it cost about rm200+, so right now, it's a lil high price since i already went way out of my budget for the month.. but if i always look from the point of view that i didn't really indulge myself with anyhthing with the bonus i got, it seems well-deserved..

but do i need a new one? well, i'm not really the type of person who likes purses (n i dun think ppl change their purses that often right?) the one i have now is actually in a good condition, except for the coins conpartment which is torn a bit.. but it's still very usable.. i bought this one from Kak Ita at aroung rm10-rm30 i think.. can't remember the exact price.. n i bought it just for the sake of buying it (support die cuz dorg br nk start business)... it's a 2 in 1 purse, Fendi pattern but with Anna Sui marking on it hahaha yes, d fake purses u see tepi2 jalan tu.. anyway, before that i was using another purse, which i bought along with my elder sister n mum.. same thing, it was in good condition when i switch to my current one.. it was just a little dirty.. n prior to that (in my teen years) i was using a Nightmare Before Christmas purse that my sis bought for me (cuz of the skull) so guess why i switch? no reason hahaha it was in good condition, but when my mum n sis wanted to buy a new one, i joined them... before that (we're going backwards here) i was using a Bum Equipment purse i think, n i switched to a new one cuz my sis bought it for u see the drill here right? i dun wait till my purse is 'destroyed' before i buy a new one.. it's just that this Fossil purse cost more that whut i usually buy, hence the delaying..

so whut do u think? should i get a new purse?

might just post pics if i rajin =b
yes, becuz sy ter-rajin, i've got pics of the said purses (except for Bum Equipment, dunnoe where that is)

my current purse, Fendi + Anna Sui bought from Kak Ita

the previous purse i bought to match my sister n mum.. see, it's a little bit dirty n no, i dun really like pink.. just a coincidence..

the purse my big sis bought for me.. Jack from Nightmare Before Christmas..