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Monday, October 25, 2010

Go Gunners

just a quickie to say Woot!! Woot!! the Gunner won against Man City away... was a lil scared to watch the match knowing Arsenal's usual performance is.. but then they play rather good for their standards.. playing against 10 men did help a ot.. off course defend still gelabah sket here n there.. Fabianski is still Fabianski.. maybe Wenger should buy that Hart guy.. he seems good.. owh, how much i miss my Lehman.. not sure till when can we find a good keeper as he was.. foREVer will be in my heart hahaha he was nickname Pak Leman during 2002 World Cup.. was happy that Adebayor didn't just failed to score, but was also a sub hahahaha in ur face traitor =b yer2 jgn emo2..

anyway, we're tied with them and also with Manu.. Chelsea are doing great as usual n it's gonna take a lot of effort to keep up.. 5 points gap.. haishh... can't wait to see the Gunners win a silverware...