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Thursday, October 28, 2010


so i went to OU last night wif my lil sis to buy Sims 3 Late Night.. Woot!!! jom hbskn duit bli Sims Original =b

yeayy our collection is complete.... so far... then went to Parkson a bit, n suddenly felt like there was a lotta clothes that i wanted to buy... sabar2, save sket duit tu, nk bayar keta hahahah izad also tried to resist a cute purse.. nk sy blanje ker? =b so jln2 a bit, n we passed Coach.. as mentioned here in my previous post, i saw this cute handbag there but this one cost rm525... i'm pretty sure it's the same one but i donnoe why the price differs... maybe i saw a bigger version of this..
cute x? n no, this is not a hint for you to bank in money to me n ask me to go buy it for my birthday present hahahahah but if u insist, my acct no is ########### =b i like the colour of it, it's so bright n cheery, don't u think? anyway like i say, i won't really splurge my money just for a handbag, no matter how cute it is.. i used to like collecting handbags (yg cheap2 la) n change once in a while when i do go out... now i always use my Miss Whataver skull handbag cuz it's easier.. it's always there in my room.. except for saturdays.. whenever i remember, i'll bring my Tropicana Life recycle bag or whatever u call it.. cuz of the no plastic bag day.. bukan sbb kedekut byr 20sen, cuz sumtimes kluar, kitorg amek gk plastic if byk sgt barang.. just the thought of saving the earth is fun hahaha

had a nice nap just now.. seriously, skrang slalu ngantok jer...padahal before this pnh gk tido around 2am or like dat.. last night i slept at 12:30 n ngantok gler.. maen Sims nyer pasal... can't wait for weekend, then i can play the whole day hahaha next week blk pd yeayy nk jumpe baby b.. tp kne mkn kari =s oklah, back to work...