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Friday, July 27, 2012

Sweet Tooth

2 weeks ago, dh dekat2 puasa, kitorg ngidam mcm2 dessert.. i also had a tar tar sauce craving... nk mkn fish n chips or calamari dipped in tar tar sauce, or just fries with tar tar sauce.. tp xdpt lg so far huhuhuh then i was craving for a good pavlova.. at first i thought of buying one for Jue's birthday but dh la xsempat, takot dorg xmkn la plak.. so xjd.. but tgk pavlova Alexis nmpk cm sedap jer huhuhuh 

so end up, ordering two small pavlova through izad from mak fiq.. syg sbb xsedap sgt huhuhh so still ngidam lg.. terbayang2 yg kt rumah aunty marsitah 1 or 2 raya ago.. sedap sgt2 n byk fruits tu yg penting..

 then izad plak terasa nk mkn rainbow cake.. so yaya order kt kwn die.. colour cantek tp rs mcm biasa jer.. dh la beli sebiji kecik n simpan dlm fridge, after 1 day or 2, die jd keras so mcm xbest sgt mkn...i only had a small slice jer...

time pick up the cake kt rumah kwn yaya tu, die serve cupcakes.. red velvet n vanilla i think.. not really a fan.. i prefer chocolates... n cream xbyk2 pon xper, rugi je sbb kne kuis letak tepi instead of mkn (talking bout that blue flower)...

the only thing i think quite sedap that i had lately was jue's birthday cake.. naseb baek xde yam cake, xtau la ape rasa die nnt huhuhuhu nani sruh wan bli cheesecake (padahal jue xsker cheesecake?) so wan bought a cheesecake but ala2 creme brulee.. sedap gk ar.. but xhbs huhuhu maybe if we had another day together, blh hbs kot..

motif ckp psl food time puasa?? huhuhuhu food for thought or thinking of food??

p/s: mlm ni nk tgk Dark Knight!!  

Another Quickie

Yesterday was very tiring.. I still don't have the mood to work.. Plus with the fasting month, I get super cold at work, and kinda dizzy at time.. I think my eyes need some checking.. Maybe an increase in power kot huhuhu or maybe it's the constant staring at the pc and never ending strained eyes.. 

Anyway, boring update.. One of my task is almost done.. I just need to get on with the documentation part which I suck at.. Been delaying it for more than a month now.. But now that the real job is almost done, it's about time I get the documentation part done too.. And also another task I'm doing will be handed over to another dept.. I don't mind it, not at all actually.. I just don't want that some other team realised my mistakes if any, and then I'm doomed.. Cuz being confident and sure about what I did is definitely not my situation for this..

Those boring things aside.. Fasting month has been good.. But like I mentioned earlier, I get tired fast.. Wake up for sahur, then have about less than 30mins to get some shut eye before getting ready for work.. Then get off work n reached home tired.. I got off a little bit late just now.. The fire alarm went off but it was a false alarm.. Decided to go back that moment but the elevators weren't working *sigh* so had to wait for a few moments before it was ok.. Got back, manage to lay down a bit bout 5 mins, then bukak puasa.. Clean the kitchen a bit before heading back up then got ready for terawih.. Got back n manage to watch some tv.. Get in my room, trying to get some sleep but I usually have a chat with my frens first.. Miss them a lot hehehe sometimes it drags till 2am.. Then get some sleep and wake up again for sahur..

There it is, the full cycle.. I guess I do get some time off a bit here and there but they never seemed enough (don't they always).. So yeah, that's my dull day.. I plan to sleep early tonight, but early is a subjective word =b planning to wtach Dark Knight Rises this friday but xtau jd ke x.. Anyway, that's all.. Malas plak nk tulis, since xde citer best pon huhuhu


wrote this 2 days ago but only managed to put it up today.. i've been sleeping early for two nights now.. n since early is a subjective word (like i said previously) i slept around 11pm++.. silent my phone so it won't vibrate cuz i always tend to wake up when it does.. catch up on their conversation in the morning heheheh one week of fasting done.. another three weeks to go?

Friday, July 20, 2012

Now That It's Over

Now that it's over, i don't know what else to write... it doesn't help that i'm not trying either.. i've been so caught in that moment, and even after 2 weeks has gone by, i could still remember the details.. i've mentioned to them that i haven't ready my own blog as often as i have..same goes to jue's blog... not so sure if i've read it 10 times, but definitely more than 5 for each post.. and everytime i read it, i'm there, reliving it... not sure how long it'll last though and i hope not so soon.. thinking of going to labuan this year maybe towards end of the year.. nk mkn seafood byk2  =b  but we'll see how..

anyway, today after maghrib we'll be starting our fasting months.. the one thing i look forward to this month? we eat as a family, all five of us at the table... otherwise, we usually eat as and when we feel like it.. forget breakfast n lunch on a usual weekday, cuz we're at work.. but even for dinner, if we get back early, papa will eat 1st most of the time, while we rehat2 dlm bilik dlu.. sometimes we join him when we're not so 'tired', but that rarely happens.. so yeah, i kinda miss that, having a meal with the whole family, and just talk.. 

so anyway, not much to write.. just wanna wish everyone a happy Ramadhan.. see u soon?  =b

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Part 2? Perlu ke?

i didn't go to Bali so basically i wouldn't be having a part two for my short vacation  =b but i did hang out with the freaks for another weekend after they came back from Bali.. mama didn't let me join them after the maulid so i joined them on saturday instead.. missed out on Mael Lambung, so xderla rugi sgt kn? kn?? hahahaha didn't do much, just hang out at mid valley.. totally forgot about the laser tag they had there, otherwise blh maen.. or blh gi Gold Coast n maen? no? nk perth gk?? ke siem reap? anyway, not much happened that day (except kne bahan) n also the surprise that night..

Jue's beloved husband got himself a helicopter toy.. semangat gk la die tgk org demo n nk beli (tp smp labuan jer rosak?).. then he also got jue a brand new phone.. die dpt S3!!! Surprise!! Happy Birthday!! kin lmbt record but still manage to get her poyo reaction when she found the phone hehehe wan lagi sket nk terkantoi kn when he was about to turn on the light.. the phone was charging n i saw him lifting the phone up n jue was near him.. mcm nk ckp no tp nnt lg obvious plak.. then he lowered it down n let it charge.. later when jue was cleaning up and busy packing her stuff, nani put the phone in her handbag.. kin tried to make her look by asking for her phone... xberjaya plak.. then i tried asking for my scrunchy.. but then die terlampau rajin, continue kemas2 jer.. adelah bout 10minutes plus kot i keep annoying her with my constant request to find it.. then finally she took her bag n took out the phone and was staring at it i think for a few seconds.. then woo woooo whoooooooo  =b  over k hahahahah so now bolehla die nk whatsapp kt office kn? hehehe 

so that's about it.. it was a short weekend so didn't do much.. now to think of our next trip.. where to go and what to do.. i guess i should think of more fun things to do the next time they're here.. laser tag tu maybe? n erm, korg minat water rafting x? i wanna try a zorb ball but not so sure where to go..mcm fun jer... ok, malas nk tulis dh.. waiting for other things to read  =b  miss u guys..

Monday, July 16, 2012

Hatten Hotel, Melaka

This hotel has a promotion till Aug 2012... so stop reading this and go book a room now.. then come back here to see whether it's good or not hehehehe  by far among the best hotel i've stayed in, maybe cuz it's new.. the interior are super nice, modern style... i don't have nice pictures cuz  we were super tired n went in the room terus baring atas katil n our luggage were everywhere.. but if u check the pics at their website here, the rooms are exactly the same.. what u see is what u get... 

we took the twin deluxe.. super nice beds with super comfortable pillows.. blh tido golek2?

flat screen so we can watch tv while laying in bed... dressing table dh bersepah hehehe

a sofa just after entering the room.. opposite tu ade another flat screen where we watch (or slept through) the Euro Finals... 2 tvs in 1 room... can u say cool or what.. 

the restroom... xder bath tub gk huhuhuh but ade 2 showers!! i love the rain-like shower hehehe

xbyk pics, i know.. but if u're looking for a very nice hotel to stay in Melaka, i would highly recommend Hatten  =b (terasa bias hehehe) the breakfast was 'amaizing' too.. the interior was lovely and spacious and there was lots to choose from.. 

they served dimsum too.. but ade 1 type jer.. busy makan, xamek byk pics..

ade waffles gk.. nmpk sdp tp xamek cuz i dun think i can finish it.. ni wan nyer.. nmpk mcm die makan pancakes ngn cili sos kn? hahahah

short entry.. not much to say anyway... owh, the only 'negative' thing i can think of the hotel (but temporary jer la) was the swimming pool wasn't open yet.. so we weren't able to jalan2 n tgk the infinity pool yg dorg sebok advertise kt tv dlm bilik tu.. nk amek pic jer pon, bknnyer nk swimming huhuhuh but most probably it's open now cuz that day they mentioned it would be open on Monday (2 Jul 2012) just that since it was raining the previous day, they had to delayed a bit to do some cleaning ke aper tah =b  well, that's all folks.. hope u have a fun stay at melaka n tgk perigi.. perigi?? hahahahaha

Thursday, July 12, 2012


Even though i don't have to, but for some reason, i feel like i need to clarify some things (artist la katakan) and u might hear the same things over and over again for quite some time, just cuz i miss it so much  =b anyway, here's what we did for our short vacation.. as i mentioned that i enjoyed it so much, n i felt a sense of freedom (mainly cuz i didn't have to think about work), it's not what we did that matters so much but who i was with.. as u can see, we didn't do a lot of things people might expect us to do (no huha-huha).. so after reading this and u think, 'heh, that's no fun at all', then remember what i keep reiterating.. u'll never get it  =b

28 Jun 2012
since the lazy 'ol me slept the previous night, i woke up early and started packing.. received a call bout some news  =b then at about 12:30 left the house.. and thus, our journey to awesomeness began (poyo).. smooth journey sbb highway pon kn.. tersesat sket after exit skudai huhuhu but finally managed to get to rumah aunty kin.. it was about 6pm+ dh at that time.. stayed for a bit, then we made our way to Pulai Spring Resort weeee checked in n lepak jap tgk tv.. then a little while later, Sani came.. then around 8pm, we made our way to the airport to pick up the not so newly weds  =b lapar, so gi makan sotong kangkung etc... kitorg terer jln kt johor tu, xyah pakai gps hahahaha (konon) then blk hotel...watched Germany lost huhuhuh

29 Jun 2012
Big day for kin weeee woke up and turun bwh for breakfast.. breakfast was ok, choices weren't so limited but it didn't made my eyes popped out either hehehehe kin xjoin breakfast sbb nk make up (sy nk booking die jd my mak andam) hehehehe lepak a bit, then we got ready and checked out.. went to her aunt's house again jap.. then after friday prayers, gerak gi masjid at their housing area..then waited... and waited... and waited... hahahaha saje jer =b  adi dtg lmbt, muke kin dh bengang but after he came, everything went fine.. when it was all over, and they were officially married, we made our way to UTM ade mkn2 sket there.. then blk to her aunt's house.. rehat jap tukar baju.. then we were thinking of going next... initial plan was to stay in another hotel dkt ngn bandar, but after some thinking, decided to go to melaka terus.. so the guys picked up wan, lepak jap dgr mak shikin sembang hehehe then we drove off to melaka and checked into Hatten weeee...

30 Jun 2012
our free day.. woke up and went down for breakfast weee best2 the dining area cantek sgt and spacious.. sgt bias cuz for some reason i love this hotel very much hehehe that day jalan sket kt either Hatten Square ke Dataran Pahlawan (xsure cuz xingat name tpt tu huhuhuh) what did we do? well, we voted and majority (all except kin, even tho she suggested it) agreed to go roller skating yeahhh  so checked out, n before roller skating, we went n watched this 6D 'movie'.. it's like the 4D Shrek movie kt USS tu, but was for only 8 minutes.. cost us RM15 each.. quite pricey tp gi once je so xkesah la kn.. xphm the story line, i wasn't sure if we were ghost ke ape, but we were basically at a cemetery, and there were ghosts n flying pumpkins and all heh.. when that was done, we went roller skating.. last time i used my roller blades, i was in labuan, so i was rusty.. tgk tpt tu mcm byk bdk2 skolah and it was  like a glow in the dark theme or something.. ntah la.. so played that for a bit.. then maen some arcade games ke what's they're call games where we need to buy coupons tu.. then went off to Melaka Sentral to pick up rafshan.. yup he joined us for kin's wedding.. can't recall when i last met him.. anyway, picked him up and drove to Jasin where we stayed in Alamanada... errr checked in bilik je sumer senyap.. *cricket sound* hhhmm  nothing to do that night, sumer lepak jer and watched old pics of us together.. *sniff sniff* i love fond memories =b

1 Jul 2012
the only morning i woke up during our vacation and was NOT excited bout breakfast huhuhuh it was kin's reception so we didn't do much.. mak andam br smp bawak baju.. imagine the wedding day itself baru nk fitting =s i dh banned mak andam tu.. buat keje bg org stress jer.. fitting baju, skali ketat "ni pakai bra ade span ker? hari tu xder span.. bkn salah sy ni" xrs bengong ke org cmtu.. huhuhuh nsb baek she can fit into her clothes.. we got ready and went downstairs to the hall.. fyi, hotel was just next to the dewan so that's why we stayed there (nk gk justify why hehehe) it was simple and lovely.. pengantin je dpt lalu bwh pedang hehehe i was kinda blurred, didn't know what to do.. smp kt pelamin, parents kin naek nk tepung tawar, skali bekas tu kosong hahaha good thing pelamin atas pentas n jauh sket from others so berlakon jer la hahaha we ate, we hang around, we took pictures, we were exhausted  =b  blk bilik, lepak jap, packed n gerak gi Hatten blk.. kin tinggal, stay ngn in-laws heheheh bye2.. checked in Hatten, then decided to go karok wee but still karok with my sisters are the best  =b went back n watched the Euro finals.. spain won!! raf went back that day after the match.. byeeee

2 Jul 2012
woke up n what else, excited psl breakfast hehehehe after breakfast semangat nk check out pool, skali tgk tutup lg huhuhuh lepak2 jap then checked out.. met up with the newlyweds kt kem ape tah.. went for lunch jap, then they showed us their new house.. cantek sgt2, maybe cuz baru? hehehe but their master bedroom spacious sgt.. xsabar nk ade rumah sendiri gk.. but will have to wait till i settle my car first.. after that we head back to kl... checked into our hotel, jalan pavvy jap cari shoes for jue cuz the one she was wearing dh rosak.. dat time Crocs tgh promotion.. buy anything worth RM200 above, dpt 10% disc plus get another pair of crocs for only RM10.. n jue yg 'baek hati' pon berkata, "ha plih la inaz"  sambil 'ignore' husband die kt seblh tu =b hahaha so nani dpt one pair of crocs yg die pakai ever since sbb rupenye die xbwk slipar.. mintak slipar kt pulai spring, dorg bg slipar hotel hahaha so turun bwh breakfast time tu, die pakai slipar ade love love lg tu hehehe jue had a facepalm moment where she couldn't find her purse time kt crocs tu, skali tgk in her hotel room jer hehehe had dinner then slept..

3 Jul 2012
said our goodbyes (for now) and they were off to Bali.. checked out and went home.. and that was done..

so u see how uneventful our vacation was yet it was among the best time i had.. ke hulu ke hilir, mcm penat padahal xbuat ape pon.. but because i was with my friends, i had a good time.. i usually get home sick, cuz i found that i can't be away from home for that long.. even in Australia, i was looking forward to go home hehehe but this time, i only missed my family.. i wasn't thinking bout my room (cuz dah stay Hatten kn), n i wasn't looking forward to live my normal life which unfortunately includes working huhuhu but now i have to set a new motivation, to bear with my work so we could go on more vacations together!!! maybe xlps gi overseas huhuhuh so we'll try within malaysia again k? i love u guys so much muah muah  =D

Bonjour Garden @ Kota Damansara

After 6 months (i think) we finally had our family dinner outing again.. if i'm not mistaken, our last one was on 13 Jan, mama n yaya's birthday.. so last Sunday, we went to Bonjour Garden at Kota Damansara.. 1st impression mmg best gler cuz the interior is so pretty.. i think anyone who takes a glimpse of it  will love it.. i forgot to take a pic of it, but this one is from my sister.. look it!!

isn't it pretty... but the down point of this place is the "laen dr yg laen" system, as what the cashier said.. i see it something like Old Town nyer style.. they give u the menu, a piece of paper and a pencil for u to write down ur order.. then go to the counter and pay first before getting ur food... i guess it's a normal system, just that for us who was sitting not exactly near the cashier, it was a bit tedious.. why? cuz after walking to the cashier, they informed us that a couple of the menu we ordered were sold out.. so i had to walk back to my place n change my order.. maybe it doesn't sound that bad cuz i could just grab the menu n reselect, cuz mama just canceled her drinks.. but it gave me bad impression of their so called "laen dr yg laen" system.. i keep saying that cuz that's what the cashier said when we complained that the system sucks hhahahaha so what did we get for dinner?

appetizers... fried calamari with tar tar sauce... yummy, i loved this cuz the calamari was quite thick n tepung xtebal sgt like most place...

some mushroom soup... with garlic bread..

papa had this chicken teriyaki burger.. it was so filling, he didn't even shared our food before getting full...

i wanted lamb chop shoulder but it was sold out... so i took mama's lamb leg instead.. the taste was ok but i didn't like the texture of the meat.. shoulder lg lembut isi die.. the side veges were ok but mcm too much potatoes...

since i took mum's order, mama ordered spaghetti seafood carbonara instead...   taste good but i prefer Dave Delli's and Delicious ones more hehehe

yaya had lamb with mushroom cheese steak..

izad had chicken chop.. yummy gk better than mine...

the total damage for the all the above plus 5 drinks (2 mineral water, 1 orange juice, 1 apple splash and 1 passion fruit mojito) is RM180... overall the food weren't that bad, but nothing special either.. good place to try out and hang around.. that night the parking wasn't so hard to find... the place is located near the food court or near Starbucks at Kota Damansara if u wanna try out.. 

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Pulai Spring Resort, Johor

Malas nk tulis pjg2 so this will just be a short entry k (as usual).. so our first hotel we stayed in was in Pulai Spring Resot, Johor.. Jue booked the 2 bedroom suite for one night, and also requested the Garden view (garden ker?).. didn't take much pics but the rooms were spacious and nice for a short stay... 

one queen size bed.. connected to the bathroom and also has a sliding door to go to the balcony..

The connected bathroom on the right.. nasib baek the doors aren't see through..

one closet and a dressing table.. tempat kin ber-make up utk her nikah.. yup, fyi, shikin make up sendiri on that day, xguner mak andam.. cantek sgt n nk book her for my wedding plak hahahahah

the bathroom.. ade shower je xder bath tub huhuhuhuh 

the other room has two single beds and a closet...

the kitchen area.. kitorg xguner sgt, but it seems spacious.. fridge pon besar gk..

next to the kitchen area, is the living room... tpt kitorg tgk semi final of Euro n tgk Germany kalah!! huhuhuh 

view from our balcony.. i'm presuming bwh tu yg garden, even tho xde grass sgt..

overall, the place is nice n clean n no bugs like the one kt Cherating dlu.. the rooms also had more space to walk about and the living room felt more homey (mungkin sbb die lg mahal??).. jue booked the place early so she managed to get early bird price.. so from RM600 we managed to get it at RM297 only.... but bear in mind if u get the room at early bird price, cuz the hotel DOES NOT provide transportation service from the airport to the hotel ok hahahaha ingat tau kawan2 =b

Sunday, July 08, 2012

It's All Over

And so i end this moment with a big sigh.. how lovely and peaceful it was.. i don't really know when's the next time we'll ever get to do it again.. if there's a time i could rewind and re-live it all over again, it would be from 28 june till today, 8 july (minus 5-6 june that is).. the past few days reminded me why they matter so much to me and how i won't be able to really describe or explain to other people just how much they mean to me.. i guess i'm a little sentimental (a little je?) but i'm not sure if there could be anyone else besides them and my family that could make me feel so comfortable just being me.. i don't have to wear a mask or be that awkward 'nice' girl people presume me to be.. and don't get me wrong.. it's not that i do crazy stuff with them or other thing people think i do.. we could just hang around, sit down with each other and talk.. and just that could make me feel happy.. the difference with talking to them and other people? it's not something i could explain.. it's just the way i feel.. it's like when u get used to something, and u just wanna stick to it.. they're my comfort zone and i never wanna get out of it.. we have history together, so whenever i tell them something, they get it.. 

enough with the ranting  =b  ckp byk pon xguner heheheh got some reviews i thought of doing, but tgk la cmner nnt ade mood ke x.. till then...


Thursday, July 05, 2012

Hotel Hopping?

I've heard of blog hopping, but not really hotel hopping... the past few days was a blast n so much fun.. after all my whining n bitching about work, i finally got to relax and just hang out with my friends.. even though we didn't have that much activity, cuz mostly we were travelling, checking in n out of hotels, it was among the moments in life i really appreciated (ayat poyo).. i feel like writing a lot, but maybe not now.. i just wanna express how excited and how different i feel for the past few days.. somehow, i feel free (ayat poyo lagi) huhuhuh mcm mls la nk tulis pjg2 sbb susah nk describe how best it was =b it wasn't more on the activity, but more on how i felt (Major poyo alert)

so anyway, we stayed in 5 hotel in total, over x? agak penat switching hotel but it helps that kitorg xunpack sgt so sng nk move about.. hotel plg best among all? Hatten Hotel kt melaka.. err review2 nnt je la kot.. cari suitable time n if rajin.. bummed sbb xdpt join Bali trip dorg, but i'll just tell myself yg dorg honeymoon, jgn kacau hahahahah next trip, Singapore jom... that day mcm plan nk gi tp ade org tu tertinggal passport kt kl =b thank god ade Hatten Hotel to the rescue hehehehe ok sgt malas nk tulis.. looking forward to spending time again with the freaks soon a.k.a tomorrow...

owh n before i forget (forget ke?)