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Thursday, July 05, 2012

Hotel Hopping?

I've heard of blog hopping, but not really hotel hopping... the past few days was a blast n so much fun.. after all my whining n bitching about work, i finally got to relax and just hang out with my friends.. even though we didn't have that much activity, cuz mostly we were travelling, checking in n out of hotels, it was among the moments in life i really appreciated (ayat poyo).. i feel like writing a lot, but maybe not now.. i just wanna express how excited and how different i feel for the past few days.. somehow, i feel free (ayat poyo lagi) huhuhuh mcm mls la nk tulis pjg2 sbb susah nk describe how best it was =b it wasn't more on the activity, but more on how i felt (Major poyo alert)

so anyway, we stayed in 5 hotel in total, over x? agak penat switching hotel but it helps that kitorg xunpack sgt so sng nk move about.. hotel plg best among all? Hatten Hotel kt melaka.. err review2 nnt je la kot.. cari suitable time n if rajin.. bummed sbb xdpt join Bali trip dorg, but i'll just tell myself yg dorg honeymoon, jgn kacau hahahahah next trip, Singapore jom... that day mcm plan nk gi tp ade org tu tertinggal passport kt kl =b thank god ade Hatten Hotel to the rescue hehehehe ok sgt malas nk tulis.. looking forward to spending time again with the freaks soon a.k.a tomorrow...

owh n before i forget (forget ke?)