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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Hello There Friends

Ughhh rs malas la plak nk update.. it's like everytime i open up a new post, the only thing i end up writing is about work... work work work.. bosan k.. bukannye nk sgt tulis, but i tend to automatically talk about it.. maybe cuz i write when i'm in the office?? huhuhu kantoi... it's 8:41pm now.. tgh tunggu my sis pick me up.. haven't manage to finish up my work though.. i used to get stressed out cuz i have a lot of things to do within so little time n i get crazy about which one i should do first.. but now i think i'm more chillax, mainly cuz i care less about it.. it takes a lot of effort.. the 1st half of the day is spent with running reports n data scrubbing.. then the other half is the other things outstanding, which varies in topics.. rs mls pon ade gk.. but whut else can i do right?

anyway, enough about that.. tgh excited for shikin's wedding plus our short vacay.. xkesah la gi mane pon, asalkn dpt get away from my workload (although dtg blk sure bertimbun huhuhuhu) so now need to find my baju (for the umpth time) and start thinking bout packing.. note that, thinking jer tau... 

oklah, sis almost here.. just a quickie.. toodles..