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Monday, June 18, 2012

Week in Review?: Quick Recap

So last week has been quite a busy one.. n i mean the whole week from monday to sunday... luckily i only stayed back for 2 days out of my total weekday, so it was an improvement from the previous weeks.. had a good rest on friday, then came back to work on saturday to finish some outstanding work.. why? cuz i didn't wanna stay back on monday.. n true enough, i didn't have to stay back on monday.. then tuesday was another busy day.. stayed till 9pm again.. had to amend some slides that i myself wasn't sure what it was.. then on wednesday was another day of blur.. had to do other urgent things that i wasn't quite sure how, thus my work was put to the side.. supposed to stay back to finish it up but i had plans with my KDU frens and i wasn't gonna give it up... had dinner a nice dinner with them and did some catching up.. then on thursday was hell.. had to finish up all my outstanding work and i could feel myself being cranky again.. it didn't help that i was hungry but didn't have any mood to eat.. sucks weihh.. then come friday, my laziness attacked especially after lunch..

haishh naper sumer ckp pasl keje ker?? anyway weekend went to cls ustzh Halimah.. on sunday, there was one at Al-Rawsha and we had free lamb mandy!!! weee ehheheheh anyway, about 9 days left.. tibe2 rs excited sgt2.. need to go look for my baju sbb still xder.. n have to wear my shoes gk sbb nk biasakan, otherwise melecet nnt..  byk songeh kn, but who cares.. k lah, dunnoe what else to write.. i'll think of something later.. toodles..