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Saturday, June 09, 2012

Happy Thoughts

I found that lately i've been writing about depressing things.. but i'm gonna change that.. Jue mentioned that she has drafted post but wanna write about happy things instead.. i need to do the same thing too.. Last week was rough for me.. same goes to this week.. "You always control what you think about and what's in your mind" -ShayCarl.. He also mentioned that "Happiness is a choice".. an example he used was when he lost his luggage at the airport, and instead of dwelling on it and complaining about it, take a step back, breathe in, and choose to let it go.. it's more on choosing not to let that bad incident effect you so much.. and thus, choosing to be happy instead.. it does make sense, it's just that doing it is not necessarily easy..

so after having another rough week, i felt like i couldn't take it anymore.. last thursday night, i was on the verge on an emotional meltdown... well, scratch that, i was already breaking down.. things got so frustrated, that my mind couldn't really think straight.. i was trying hard to think and focus at what i was doing, but things just fell all over the place.. it didn't help that the system i had to use weren't working well  on my pc.. n i just lost it.. it was one of the low point in my life.. and it wasn't really much on the long hours, cuz let's face it, i've worked long hours before.. and i was fine.. mainly cuz things didn't screw up and i had people around me.. but doing things alone, kinda suck.. 

so yeah, thursday was a bitch, and i just couldn't take it anymore.. had a nice rest on Friday.. and now here i am again in the office on a saturday... much calmer and a clearer set of mind.. managed to do a lot more in this 2 hours than i managed to do for 5 hours on last thursday... feel more productive and better and proud of myslef  =D  horray for me hehehe plus there's no construction noises there were last week... got my mcd for lunch and my playlist on... if only i can work like this everyday, i dun think i'll be that much stressfull..

anyway, moving on to happy thoughts... about 18 days left till Kin and Adi's big day.. which means, road trip to johor and melaka!! woot!! nnt lalu bawah pedang kn? heheheh so that's one thing to look forward to.. another thing is the Euro 2012.. just started last night, and the final will be on 2nd July.. right about the wedding..i've never really follow the Euro Cup.. just watched the World Cup before this.. for this time around, I'm rooting for Holland and Germany.. those are my main two teams.. unfortunately they're in the same Group together with Portugal.. so let's hope Portugal loses the group round hehehehe i ahte Ronaldo anyway  =b  then the next team i'm rooting for is off course France (cuz i'm a gooner, isn't it natural enough?) and also Spain.. what sux about the Euro is of course the time of the matches.. all are around 12am and 2:45am, so good luck to me for staying up late especially for those matches with my team playing..

ok back to work.. wanna make sure i manage to do as much as i can today and i'll don't have to stay longer or worst, come back again tomorrow hehehe now listening to Nightmare A7X.. remembering their awesome concert.. i wanna feel that again  =D


How-To-Be-Happy-Again said...

Yep, it's a choice. Happiness that is. We all should decide on it more often! =) Thanks for sharing.