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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Raining Cats & Dogs

It’s raining, it’s pouring, the old man is snoring,
He went to bed and bumped his head and couldn't wake up in the morning.

It did started to rain again in the evenings now.. sometimes heavily, and sometimes just drizzling.. but that’s not what I wanted to point out today... not so sure if I’ve mentioned this before, but our house seems to have a leaking problem sometimes.. it usually happens in our room during super heavy rain.. I remembered lying down one day and heard this ticking sound of water drops and it sounded so near.. then right after I felt some water drop somewhere on the bed (can’t recall which part) and there it is, our leaking ceiling huhuhuh so we’ve been ‘battling’ these leakage for a few times for the past year and one day papa went up the roof and kind of fixed it.. so that was solved and we never had that problem for a long time..

Then came yesterday.. I was in yaya’s room watching the lying game (new series I’m following yeayy) and mama knocked on the door and asked me to help her.. I went outside and saw her going into her room which is odd because papa is usually sleeping.. but then I saw papa (so I guess he’s not asleep) and when I entered their room, BAM!! It was leaking huhuhuh there was water dripping from a few points, 1 even above the bed itself.. so I ran down and got the big bucket and took it upstairs.. then papa asked to get another one so I ran downstairs and got the smaller one too.. then we got some old clothes and put it on the floor to absorb the water.. our upstairs floors are those little wooden block so an excess of water could damage it.. papa got the ladder and climbed back up.. long story short, he said that it wasn’t due to the rain but because the tank was leaking instead.. he did something about it, turn it off or something, not so sure.. it didn’t stop the dripping immediately but I guess it slowed it down a little..

The bed was a bit wet so obviously mama and papa couldn’t sleep there so they had to sleep somewhere else.. their mattress are heavy but hopefully today was sunny enough in ttdi for them to dry it out huhuhuuh I just managed to snap 1 pic of the room for my sisters, by which one was asleep and one was out during the incident hahahaha saje nk point out  =b  

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Chicken Enchiladas

Yes, my interest in cooking has grown hahahaha not really cooking la, just experimenting with a few recipes.. as a friend pointed out, i've only tried 'western' style of cooking.. and while i do cook normal traditional dishes, those are usually for normal days when my mum is not around.. like when she went for umrah or london, then i'll cook rice with lauk just like what she does.. but for testing purpose, i lean towards other types of dishes.. and yes, i was mainly influence by what the Shaytards are eating, hence the Quinoa Salad and the Alpine Mushroom Pasta i made here heheheh

so for today, i present to u the Chicken Enchiladas mommytard makes.. although bare in mind, this isn't the exact recipe from them.. it's just based on what i see when she film it.. this recipe is simple, not too much ingredients..

Tortilla Wraps
Chicken (chopped up)
Hot Dogs (chopped up)
Cumin powder
Teriyaki Sauce
Sour Cream
Cheese.. lots and lots of cheese

We added the hot dog, just for fun.. so basically, we chopped up the chicken and hot dogs (although note to self, cut them smaller).. and marinate them in teriyaki sauce.. i left it for a few hours but on the bottle it recommends about 20 minutes before cooking, or overnight for better results.. i even added a tiny bit of salt and some cumin powder (i don't know what it taste like, one of the recipein google used this and we just happen to have some cumin laying around the kitchen hahaha)

so diced up the onions and garlic, and with a bit of oil, fry them.. add the marinated chicken and hot dogs and just fry them till they're cook.. make sure that there's less moisture as u don't want ur wrap to absorb all the moisture.. when that's done, put it to the side to cool down a bit..

Next, just take out ur tortilla wrap, put some sour cream on it, put some chicken on it (and make sure it's not too full or u can't wrap it up) and lastly put generous amount of cheese.. wrap up the whole thing and make sure it's secured.. and as what mommytard does, line up all the wraps, sprinkle some cheese on them and just pop it in the oven about 10 mins or so..

needed some improvements but here's the result...

tasted ok hehehe

i should've gotten a pic of the inside huhuhuhh

Monday, February 18, 2013

Spiritually, Mentally and Physically

It's approaching the end of February, how's your New Year Resolution coming around? I know i didn't write up specific resolutions, but i do have some goals in mind i wanted to achieve.. in that particular order.. i've done well in Jan but now slacking a lot *sigh* my biggest weakness is being discipline about it, so will have to work on that more (if i got a dime for every time i say that, i could be a millionaire by now) but yeah, i'll slowly build myself in that direction.. i need to have a routine habit down in order to make it come more easily for me.. it's no rocket science, but yet i still be my old me..

anyway, got about 2 books to 'study', which could help with my 1st two goals.. been having some help with my 2nd goal as well... as for my 3rd goal? still working on it year in year out as always.. but might do some changes by end of this week.. could be considered as a birthday present as well perhaps? 

it's ok if you fail one day, just don't quit and get right back up - SC

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Simple Ravioli

Among the disappointed recipes i've tried.. this didn't had much planning and thinking going into it.. i just thought i wanted to try another variation of pasta, and ravioli looked so yummy (or so i thought).. so that day at Hero Market, we bought some stuff to make a simple ravioli..

we had the mushroom ravioli itself..

used hot dogs for some 'meat'...

and this instant cheese sauce..

so basically i just chopped some onions and garlic as well as the hot dogs.. then fried them all.. at the same time, boil some hot water for the ravioli and wait till it's cooked.. put them all in one bowl... then mix some hot water with the cheese sauce.. later just pour it in the bowl and mix it all together (and you know that it's the best of both world)

the end result... i didn't like the ravioli though.. i was expecting real mushrooms inside.. instead they were like powdered mushroom hahaha shrooms and we got high  =b

this weekend, i'm making simple pizza since we have leftover cheese hehehehe will think of other things to try out... any ideas?

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

That Little Gerai @ AU5

So, for the long weekend, and after experimenting some 'new recipes', we decided to have our family dinner last night.. papa suggested to go to Village Park (errr kedai Neelofa huhuhu) but unfortunately it was closed.. on the way there, dh mention cpt think of Plan B in case tutup.. xsempat pon hehehe but then we thought of this place mama saw on FB.. but it was on the other end of the world (over k), kt keramat.. but since no one minded, we tried our luck.. not that hard to find, a simple place but was kinda impress by the setting of the place and it's ambiance.. it's small so might be good to reserve ur place 1st.. 

the menu

we ordered some mushroom soup for appetizers (RM8)..  yummy.. yg penting, not campbell soup hehehe

papa ordered short ribs with mashed potato and salad on the side (RM37).. pic blur sbb lighting kt sane sgt romantic hahahah

mama, izad n i each had lamb chop.. here's either mama's or izad, with mashed potato and salad on the side (RM27).. i had french fries n coleslaw for side dish (RM26).. sedap2.. tp xder pic huhuhuh

yaya had carbonara (RM16), which tasted ok but maybe prefer the one kt dave deli more sbb dh biasa makan situ..

we wanted to order tiramisu for dessert but dh xde, so mama and izad has ice cream instead.. for drinks, papa had ice cappuccino which he said tasted as yummy as coffee bean but cheaper hehehe mama had ice lemon tea, yaya had ice lemon tea with honey, izad had orange juice (at least bkn sunkist) and i had apple asam boi (which had too much serdak for me)..

overall, the food was good, the service was fast with no careless mistake or whatsoever.. total damage of the overall menu we had? a whopping RM182.50.. but totally worth it.. i'll give the place 8.5/10.. have no problem going again and would definitely recommend it to ppl.. their FB should have all the details but i don't have a link.. what i do have though is their receipt which has their address and phone number.. enough?

That Little Gerai,
12, Jalan AU 50/1,
Lembah Keramat

012-332 0416 (go make ur reservation now)

Thursday, February 07, 2013


I get this a lot *sigh* huhuhuh after short vacation je, teringat2 smp 1 week after that or sometimes more.. padahal br je short vacation a few times je kan hahaha but i guess it's the same thing for everyone else.. we love chillaxing and enjoying our time with our family n friends

just got back from labuan.. it was tiring but i had so much fun.. lepak2 jer ngn jue and taking pics utk show off kt org =s pegi sight seeing (erkkk) n gi mkn.. yumm yum  =b  mcm xde mood nk narrate the whole trip (ye ke).. thinking of posting some pics, but tgk la dlu cmner.. 

Jue, bler nk pindah semenanjung? blh buat weekend vacation more often weeee

jalan2 dlm hutan.. i love the view from down here...

 sup tulang, kangkung and errr ayam? a.k.a sayap  =b

 close up on the chicken wings..


bestie  =b

tu je, byeee

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Kuih Keria Hj Jalil Limbongan

Oh the horror.. the things we do for our cravings =b so about 2 weeks ago, i attended my friends' wedding at Melaka.. fun fun time indeed even tho it was a short trip... i won't say much about the trip, but i will talk about our kueh keria hunting.. "hello, ni kueh keria ke?" hahahaha lawak2.. anyway, a friend of mine did some 'research' about things to do / eat at Melaka, and so she found out about this place.. suke kueh keria katanya tp jarang ade yg sedap haiihhh

so on that saturday, the history of Kuih Keria Hj Jalil Limbongan began hahahaha at first, we went out for breakfast then rest jap.. then got ready for our friends wedding.. and we thought of going keria hunting first since laku sgt and after googling, some ppl say by 4pm, they'll be sold out... and they only start selling around 2pm.. but then we were already a bit late so went to the wedding first.. took some pics, ate, fake smiles (yeay dpt telur) and then we're off.. we didn't quite know where it was at first so we just used google map.. and also stop by to ask for directions where this mak cik commented, mahal keria tu, kecik je dh 50 sen hahahaha pastu offer bli goreng pisang die.. eh org mengidam keria la  =b

so cari punye cari, we found the place... hmmm ade org tu dgr, kedai tu after pokok mangga.. xknla ade satu pokok mangga sepanjang jln tu kn... jenuh la nk slow down at every pokok mangga n tgk kedai tu ade ke x.. rupe2 nye after tanah perkuburan pokok manga huhuhuhu ngeng... it's actually next to Masjid al-ehsan Limbongan, after a kindergarten (if u're coming from Masjid Tanah)'ll be on your left (if you're coming from the town, then it's on your right).. it's just a small stall with a pink signage... sebelah tu jual laksa.. both sedap gk, but i prefer the laksa kt kemaman (which i might be going this sunday weehhooo)

the infamous kuih keria hj jalil limbongan huhuhuh we bought errr  14!!!

they have a number to call if u want to book kueh awal2 in case they sold out.. "hello, ni kueh keria ke?"

we also had the infamous Klebang Coconut Shake.. line up panjang nye utk bli huhuhuh but naseb baek i just waited in the car  =b  sedap gk, ade texture isi kelapa, but would prefer more kelapa than vanilla ice cream kot.. anyway, it was a short but fun weekend.. i need more of these weekend  =D

till we meet again, byeee