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Thursday, February 07, 2013


I get this a lot *sigh* huhuhuh after short vacation je, teringat2 smp 1 week after that or sometimes more.. padahal br je short vacation a few times je kan hahaha but i guess it's the same thing for everyone else.. we love chillaxing and enjoying our time with our family n friends

just got back from labuan.. it was tiring but i had so much fun.. lepak2 jer ngn jue and taking pics utk show off kt org =s pegi sight seeing (erkkk) n gi mkn.. yumm yum  =b  mcm xde mood nk narrate the whole trip (ye ke).. thinking of posting some pics, but tgk la dlu cmner.. 

Jue, bler nk pindah semenanjung? blh buat weekend vacation more often weeee

jalan2 dlm hutan.. i love the view from down here...

 sup tulang, kangkung and errr ayam? a.k.a sayap  =b

 close up on the chicken wings..


bestie  =b

tu je, byeee