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Monday, February 18, 2013

Spiritually, Mentally and Physically

It's approaching the end of February, how's your New Year Resolution coming around? I know i didn't write up specific resolutions, but i do have some goals in mind i wanted to achieve.. in that particular order.. i've done well in Jan but now slacking a lot *sigh* my biggest weakness is being discipline about it, so will have to work on that more (if i got a dime for every time i say that, i could be a millionaire by now) but yeah, i'll slowly build myself in that direction.. i need to have a routine habit down in order to make it come more easily for me.. it's no rocket science, but yet i still be my old me..

anyway, got about 2 books to 'study', which could help with my 1st two goals.. been having some help with my 2nd goal as well... as for my 3rd goal? still working on it year in year out as always.. but might do some changes by end of this week.. could be considered as a birthday present as well perhaps? 

it's ok if you fail one day, just don't quit and get right back up - SC