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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Simple Ravioli

Among the disappointed recipes i've tried.. this didn't had much planning and thinking going into it.. i just thought i wanted to try another variation of pasta, and ravioli looked so yummy (or so i thought).. so that day at Hero Market, we bought some stuff to make a simple ravioli..

we had the mushroom ravioli itself..

used hot dogs for some 'meat'...

and this instant cheese sauce..

so basically i just chopped some onions and garlic as well as the hot dogs.. then fried them all.. at the same time, boil some hot water for the ravioli and wait till it's cooked.. put them all in one bowl... then mix some hot water with the cheese sauce.. later just pour it in the bowl and mix it all together (and you know that it's the best of both world)

the end result... i didn't like the ravioli though.. i was expecting real mushrooms inside.. instead they were like powdered mushroom hahaha shrooms and we got high  =b

this weekend, i'm making simple pizza since we have leftover cheese hehehehe will think of other things to try out... any ideas?