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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Chicken Enchiladas

Yes, my interest in cooking has grown hahahaha not really cooking la, just experimenting with a few recipes.. as a friend pointed out, i've only tried 'western' style of cooking.. and while i do cook normal traditional dishes, those are usually for normal days when my mum is not around.. like when she went for umrah or london, then i'll cook rice with lauk just like what she does.. but for testing purpose, i lean towards other types of dishes.. and yes, i was mainly influence by what the Shaytards are eating, hence the Quinoa Salad and the Alpine Mushroom Pasta i made here heheheh

so for today, i present to u the Chicken Enchiladas mommytard makes.. although bare in mind, this isn't the exact recipe from them.. it's just based on what i see when she film it.. this recipe is simple, not too much ingredients..

Tortilla Wraps
Chicken (chopped up)
Hot Dogs (chopped up)
Cumin powder
Teriyaki Sauce
Sour Cream
Cheese.. lots and lots of cheese

We added the hot dog, just for fun.. so basically, we chopped up the chicken and hot dogs (although note to self, cut them smaller).. and marinate them in teriyaki sauce.. i left it for a few hours but on the bottle it recommends about 20 minutes before cooking, or overnight for better results.. i even added a tiny bit of salt and some cumin powder (i don't know what it taste like, one of the recipein google used this and we just happen to have some cumin laying around the kitchen hahaha)

so diced up the onions and garlic, and with a bit of oil, fry them.. add the marinated chicken and hot dogs and just fry them till they're cook.. make sure that there's less moisture as u don't want ur wrap to absorb all the moisture.. when that's done, put it to the side to cool down a bit..

Next, just take out ur tortilla wrap, put some sour cream on it, put some chicken on it (and make sure it's not too full or u can't wrap it up) and lastly put generous amount of cheese.. wrap up the whole thing and make sure it's secured.. and as what mommytard does, line up all the wraps, sprinkle some cheese on them and just pop it in the oven about 10 mins or so..

needed some improvements but here's the result...

tasted ok hehehe

i should've gotten a pic of the inside huhuhuhh