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Thursday, October 04, 2012

Shaytards' Quinoa Salad

So, as obvious as it is, for some reason, watching the Shaycarl can be very influential.. i've been watching the shaytards vlog for perhaps two years now, and almost everything they say or do, i seem to want too.. for example, the food they eat.. especially now since they moved to LA, they've been eating salads a lot.. and once they showed how they made Quinoa salad which looks yummy.. plus the kids ate it so maybe the taste is 'tolerable'? heheheh so anyway, here's the recipe for the salad.. not exactly how they made them, we tweak it here and there.. not that anyone will try this out anyway  =b just for my future reference hehehe

1/2 cup of Quinoa (it's a type of grain/wheat, so look in that section)
2 Tomatoes
1 Onions
a few Cilantro
1/2 can of Corns
1/2 can of Red Beans
1/2 can of Chick Peas (kacang kuda)
1 Green pepper (capsicum)
1 Jalapeno (cili hijau hahahaha name nk class aje)

For dressing:-
2 Lime
4 tbspn Olive Oil
1/4 tspn Cumin powder (optional)

This is easy to do.. since it's a salad, it's just mostly dicing the ingredients and mixing them all up.. the above is a suggested amount n also for future reference.. we used about double of everything so it was a huge portion, seeing that only the two of us ate it.. so next time if i plan on making some more, i'll just use 1/2 a can of everything, or maybe use a smaller can if they have one..

so basically, diced everything up into smaller sizes (except for the dressing ingredients).. we didn't cut the corn n beans so that was the same size.. mix it all together n put it to a side.. take the quinoa and heat it with a cup of water... let it simmer till all the water are absorb and evaporates (make sure it's not too dry)... add the quinoa with the other ingredients and mix it.. this is the salad..

for the dressing, take the olive oil and mixed it with lime juice.. add a bit of cumin (i don't know what it taste like so u can just skip this), and salt n pepper for taste.. mix it well.. pour the dressing to the salad and mix well... wala, u got ur quinoa salad.. it doesn't really looks yummy, but i love the taste.. eat it with some tortilla chips and it's yummy.. i could survive a meal with just eating this hehehe

a thing that i'll change the next time i make them again (besides the portion) is to add more dressing n more lime, n lessen the onions n cilantro.. add more tomatoes.. yummyy... 

the end result...

lets eat more greens heheheh