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Monday, October 08, 2012

Memory Lane

As u might know, mama went to london for the past 10 days or so.. i know it's kinda cheesy to post pics of vacation that doesn't belong to u or the ones u didn't go to, but i'm gonna make an exception here cuz mama send some pics that were among the earliest memory i had in life.. and this is even before labuan, even before i met my best friends jue n shikin.. i remember back then, my so called 'bff' were emma and aminah.. i remember going to their house after school, playing dressed up and make up.. i was so young then.. i wasn't even 6 years old... i was excited when i saw the pics, so i could only imagine how mama felt, when she was there again...

 the back of our house.. our house is the one on the left.. i remember going down this stairs to the backyard, which is a big garden.. and there are a bunch of christmas like trees at the back.. i also remember walking by that little path there on the left side... 

this is our school in london.. Holy Trinity Primary School.. i have a picture of myself in the school uniform (which i doubt i will post it here) so much memories at this school.. i remember participating in our school play.. i was the dancer for Grease Lightning.. i was also the purple teddy bear, one of the toys from Santa's workshop for the christmas play.. then i was supposed to be one of the orphans in Oliver Twist, but then we had to move back to malaysia..

This is the road we had to walk on the way to school.. maybe because we were smaller back then, but i remember this downhill road seems much more wider... the school's gate that we enter daily is about halfway down the hill (if i remember correctly).. 

this must have been funny and weird at the same time.. my mum taking pictures from outside the school hehehehe

so yeah, just a few pictures to share.. thought i'd have it in my blog, just in case.. so tell me, what were among the earliest memories u had in ur life?