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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

New Zealand - Day 8

May I just say that this probably might be the highlight of our trip hahaha so that morning, after deciding on making slight adjustments to our itinerary, we went to the lake to take some pics.. my nose was starting to block by this time (sebelum tu slalu ejek izad je selsema huhuhuh) it was very cold that morning.. after the lake, we went to the Puzzle House but only for pics.. too bad it wasn’t opened yet.. then continue to drive to Queenstown.. we drove through the valley which was pretty.. I think one thing about driving in NZ is the views are pretty.. but after some time, all the cows and sheep and hills and valley, all those gets kind old after some time.. but there’s less car so it’s quite peaceful to drive.. at one point there was this lookout point that overlook the valley and it was said the be the highest sealed road in NZ.. oh my God, the chill we felt up there.. the wind was blowing hard and it was super freezing.. 

 it's super cold up there.. so cuddling time!!!

 i had to drive down that winding road huhuhuh 

The thing about the temperature there, when we googled before leaving, it was said to be about 18 – 15 degrees and we were quite prepared for that.. we didn’t have winter wear but I wore 2 shirts and a jacket and thought that should be sufficient.. but the morning in Wanaka, it was said to be about 10 degrees.. probably because of the cyclone that was in the area.. we reached queenstown and walked through the city.. we had 2 activities that day, the exciting zip ride and the star gazing gondola.. since we had time, we reached there about 12pm I think, we walked about the city, bought some souvenirs and had lunch.. what else, fish and chips again, and Fiq blanja weeee thanks Fiq n izad (ehh ade name izad?) we didn’t think through before ordering, bayak plak fries.. but the scallops were yummy (kan izad? Nyesal x rasa? Hehehe) then we went to check in our motel..

Here’s the thing about this motel.. (que iklan jap) out of all the places we stayed, we had high expectations for this one..  the rest of the place we stayed only for 1 night (except Auckland later), for Queenstown, we stayed for 2 nights.. and I thought of getting a 3 bedroom unit cuz bagi izad n fiq comfortable lagi.. otherwise dorg mostly dpt pull-out couch or extra bed kt luar so sian plak.. and this place was the most ‘expensive’ one compared with the rest.. so far Matamata was the best motel of all especially with the big bathroom (rugi xmandi bath tub that night) not sure because it was the first and we set the bar high or what.. and from the website pon, nmpk cun gak, check it out here.. so naturally we were excited to see the motel for itself..

So we stayed at Head South in the Eleven Lake view unit.. it was a townhouse which was located on a hill, facing the lake (as the name show, although the Alpine view was facing the same place to).. driving a big car, it was quite hard to get up the sharp turns but me being awesome and terer, lepas la gak naik.. so this is like an ‘anti-social’ motel.. we reached at the unit, went to the letterbox and enter a code.. opened it and got an envelope that says welcome, and got our keys.. see, no human interaction needed, just my type of thing hahahah papa kate mcm james bond movie ade gak, siap code2.. anyway went inside, jakun2 jap, and dread that it was 3 floors (penat woo) and got ready.. next stop was the AJ Hackett zip ride..

 grapes in front of our motel..
 'front yard' of our motel.. should've taken a pic of the sharp turn going up..


I guess NZ is famous for the bungee jump, so quite a number of people asked about it.. but it cost like $200 just to jump.. per person!! That’s like rm600 ok.. I could use that money for a motel.. or buffet at Le Meridian heheheh although I’m a scaredy cat, after watching ppl jump for some time, I think I’m willing to do it if I had extra money hehehe the first time we saw the bridge, terkejut gak la.. and then nervous.. we bought 6 ticket for each of us, but when we reached there, mama didn’t want to go so yaya rode twice.. I was nervous at first, but once we rode it, bestnye rasa nak buat lagi je.. it was 3 ppl at a time so the 1st one I went with papa n yaya, then the next, yaya with izad and fiq.. I managed to film a bit for their zip ride.. 


syoknye macam nk buat lagi.. tp $60 pon dah kire mahal gak huhuhu.. anyway we stayed there for a bit and watched other ‘dare devil’ jumped.. then went back to the motel and rest for a while.. Next was the gondola star gazing.. name je gondola tapi actually cable car.. unfortunately the star gazing was fully booked so we only manage to go up and down.. got to see queenstown from a higer view and the town’s light.. quite pretty.. sorry izad pic blur, mmg susah nk snap k bergerak2 n gelap hehehe went back n even though dapur cantek, malam tu makan meggi je.. sedapnyeee dpt mama nye maggi lg sedap.. rugi xstock maggi byk2.. those were leftovers kt rumah je..

 sorry pic  blur.. mmg susah nk snap hehehe

byk pic rupe nye for this post.. too bad kalau lambat load hehehe but hope u enjoy the pics so far... more coming soon.. rehat jap... and in case i take too long to continue, Selamat berpuasa kawan2 hehehe