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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

New Zealand - Day 7

7th day already? One week there and although we had our ups and downs, I can’t complain.. we took some pics around christchurch before continuing our journey..

 lets start off with another family pic.. our tripod was a random car.. jauh la plak

 this is the autumn we were looking forward to..

 papa having a super short jog hehehehe cukup syarat je..


 see how empty it is.. although it is early in the morning, but u can feel the lack of activity that could be done there..

next up was Lake Day.. this was a bit tricky cuz since we had to drive in the ‘middle’ of NZ, it was hard to make way for Dunedin which mama wanted so much to go.. first up, was Lake Tekapo.. it was about 3 hours drive and when we reached there, we were like ehhh?? Hhahaha it was nice but I think we were comparing with Lake Taupo which looked more lively.. anyway, went to take some pics and started to Lake Pukaki.. there was one point where the GPS told us to turn right but the road was closed.. At that point we saw this kennel with sparkling blue water.. It look so fake, even a swimming pool water looked more real than this.. we took some photo and tried to find out the way to Lake Pukaki..

 doesn't it look  like a jigsaw puzzle picture.. the backdrop is beautiful..

 the wind was blowing so hard that we can hear this tree making noises..

 look at that cloud..

 i'm standing on a rock (thinking of izad's remarks hahaha) 

look it's me on a rock again hahaha fine... btol la izad ckp..

And once we found it, boy were we blown away (hahaha ayat poyo) but seriously, if the water in the kennel is that lovely, imagine it as a whole lake.. cantek sgt.. and when papa went to the tourist centre (ke ape tah name tu), we were delighted to see sashimi!! Yum yum hahahaha it was Fiq’s 1st try for raw salmon, kire ‘adventurous’ la this trip for him, first time mkn lobster, raw salmon and cous cous hehehehe n satu bekas tu share 4 org, rasa xcukup je.. since we didn’t spend that much yet, yaya n I decided to buy some more.. so we bought another 2 and some other snacks.. 

 duduk  =b

 isn't it pretty.. mmg breath-taking moment.. the water is super blue..

this pose is dedicated to my friends yg sker posing pelik2.. kwn2, ni je yg sy mampu.. xde vacuum n ridsect la..

Mama was ‘raving’ about Mount Cook, it’s the highest mountain in NZ I think, and so we went to Mount Cook Village.. the view is breath taking, where there were pine trees and the lake at the background.. Izad’s itinerary also had the Mount Cook village so we’re still on track.. One thing slacking, I forgot to keep tab on our petrol.. we were left with about ¼ of tank left, and were concern we wouldn’t have enough.. Although we did manage to reach the place, we didn’t stayed long.. it didn’t help that it started to rain and the gas station there didn’t have anyone attending it.. so we drove back and stopped at Twizel.. it was actually where the shot Gondor, but we weren’t sure which part of it so we just carry on.. Next stop was Lake Wanaka.. 

It was almost dark when we reached there but we did managed to have a look at the lake a bit, before checking in to our motel.. we stayed at Archway Motel that day which was quite nice. It had a cabin like feel to it with it’s wooden walls and all.. went grocery shopping again that night, naturally.. made dinner and watch some TV.. we made some slight adjustments to our plan for the next day.. as most of the LOTR / Hobbit location didn’t live up to expectation (except for Hobbitton of course) we decided to skip Glenorchy (which was where they filmed Isengard) and go straight away to Queenstown.. that way, we’ll have time to stroll along the lake.. so that night, went to bed looking forward for the next day..


CIK NANA said...

Nk tgk gamba food!!!

amethyst said...

xde pic food sgt.. lepas masak je terus mkn sbb lapar sgt hehehe