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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

New Zealand - Day 6

I was already missing food by then.. the bread there tasted funny and I didn’t like it.. we left to Kaikoura that day.. fiq drove that day so papa get to see the coastal as he wanted.. and luckily he didn’t doze off as most of us did, cuz he spotted seals resting at the coast.. we stopped for a while and took some pictures.. there were lots of them.. and when we drove up a bit, there were more.. they had like mini pools and hot tubs they played in hehehe we continued driving and spotted a little place that sells lobsters and cray fish.. good thing that we stopped cuz papa went in and got a huge lobsters hehehe if I knew overall that my budget would be enough, we would’ve bought 2.. we didn’t eat it there and then.. we drove to Kaikoura town and found a spot by the beach..

syok tgk mama n papa taking pictures on their phones..

this place is so cute..

look mama, I can be a gymnast.. or in a circus.. wait, what??

 it's super cold that i had to wear 2 layers of cardigans on top of my shirt.. fiq kt blakang tu pon same..

 being famous is hard.. paparazzi everywhere.. pffttt

Papa saw a fish and chip place and decided to get some lunch.. so we ate by the beach in the car.. lobsters and fish and chips.. and it was soooo yummy.. especially makan berebut2 kan.. rest a bit and continue to drive to Christchurch.. nothing much was planned that day, only to visit the Re-start mall (or something like that)..i knew that they had some rebuilding to do after the earthquake, but I didn’t expect the town to be that dead.. and it was.. buildings looked abandoned and empty and some were still ruined.. it was quite shocking to me, being it the first time of seeing the damage that a natural disaster could do to a town.. we walked about a bit but nothing really interest me other than the condition of the town.. makes u think about Allah's power..

another family pic we managed to take although senget sket..

we found our motel and checked in.. among the top 5 good motels we had stayed in, although we didn't spend much time there.. it had one of the biggest kitchen among the other motels we stayed but we didn't cook that night.. in fact, we didn't cook when the kitchen were big for overall of our trip hehehe so that night, we went out to eat.. izad found this halal place and the food was very nice.. we ordered appetizer which was very yummy, and our meals were also super yummy.. rugi xmkn byk2 that night, cuz we had loads of leftovers.. ordered some desert for take away and also more pita bread.. the dipping tu yg sedap sgt.. we were told thery were capsicum, sundried tomatoes and some other things.. boleh terbayang2 smp today sbb rugi xsempat finish all... ok, moving on...

sorry.. no pics of the food.. syok sgt makan..