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Sunday, June 08, 2014

New Zealand - Day 4

Woke up the next morning and had cucur ikan bilis for breakfast yummy can’t recall what time we left the motel.. our next destination was Kaitoke Regional Park.. it was quite a long drive there, about 4 hours.. the park was the location where the shot Rivendell for LOTR.. it was such a bummer when we reached there.. I guess we expected something like Hobbitton, but it turns out just to be a normal forest.. they had boards though that states it was the location and which place was where.. for example, they map out, this was frodo’s room, bilbo’s room and that spot was where all the fellowship met and decided to accompany Frodo yada yada.. but it’s just trees everywhere.. I think mainly Hobbitton was a private property and they could make money out of it, but the national park was government property.. although it’d be better if they remain all the props for tourist attraction..

you can see Mount Doom from our motel...  

double rainbow all the way across the sky.. whoaahhhh so intense..

 do you see the pot of gold at the end of that rainbow? look closer...

tipu!!! mana ade legolas paling tinggi... mana ade gandalf tinggi yaya je.. tipu!!!! 

papa enjoying his coffee.. 

hmmm ni je la yg ade huhuhu 

Not sure about other places but I think for some reason, New Zealand is famous for LOTR and Hobbit, or is it just me.. I don’t think of other countries and want to go there because of a movie.. oh well, we walked a bit at the park, crossed a hanging bridge and went on a 15 minutes track.. then we drove off to Wellington.. roughly throughout our vacation, we stopped here and there for the ‘scenic view’.. they had plenty of stops.. but mostly some views are better than the lookout point but didn’t have a proper place to stop.. anyway, wellington had quite a few places to go, but since we didn’t have enough time, we had to pick one.. it was either the cable car, mount Victoria, and oriental bay.. we chose Mount Victoria which was supposed to be they filmed the outer shire.. the GPS couldn’t detect it so we tried to use izad’s google map.. turns out, it took us to a mount Victoria fresh market zzzzz hahahaha so I suggested to go to Weta Cave.. 

I was meant to put it in the itinerary but it was already full so thought of squeezing it in if we had time.. but since we started the journey late, time wasn’t something that we had.. we asked for directions and manage to find the place.. unfortunately they were out of tickets so we weren’t able to take the tour.. so just bought some magnets, took pics and went to our motel.. the timing there was almost like Labuan, pukul 6 dah gelap.. so it was almost dark by the time we reached our motel.. we stayed at Best Western Wellington.. I felt the day wasted cuz basically we didn’t do much that day.. at night we were so tired to go out, not like there were things to do anyway.. izad n fiq did manage to go out a bit and buy some water.. watched tv, had dinner and went to bed.. moving on..