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Sunday, June 08, 2014

New Zealand - Day 3

As the post about our vacation goes on, u might see a pattern here.. but I won’t disclose it that much, let’s see if you can figure it out half way through.. the previous night we had dinner and just relax for the night.. next morning, mama, izad and I went to Countdown (the 2 main supermarket we looked for at NZ was Countdown and New World).. it usually opens at 6am, but because it was Easter week, it opened at 7am, so we had to wait for a while before it opened.. Got what we needed, went to our motel and made breakfast.. Pack our things and left for Redwood Forest.. This was said to be among the top 10 places to go when visiting NZ (ye ke izad? Xingat la plak)

And again, since no luck there, we left for Wai-O-Tapu Geyser.. This was an ‘ad-hoc’ detour since it was on the way to where we were heading next.. When we got there, it was said that the geyser was at 10am so naturally, we thought that had its timing.. so after buying the tickets, we ‘rushed’ to the place.. turns out, it was an 'induced' geyser.. they poured some sort of chemical so that it would ‘erupt’.. I felt like we were ripped-off hahaha Anyway, walked around that sulphur area where it quite smell.. but they did have nice view at some point of it.. sian Fiq cepat mabuk rupenye.. 

 Locking up before we check out and leave

 The geyser was induced.. duhhh

 The smell of sulfur was so strong, we had to put perfume on our wrist and smell / breathe

This is call the look-over-your-shoulder-red-carpet pose

 This actually looks greener irl

Then we continued our journey.. we stopped by Huka Falls and was amazed by the colour of the river.. it was very turquoise and pretty.. they had some trails there which we didn’t really have the time to explore.. we were supposed to stop by Aritiata Rapids, it was said to be one of the location for Hobbit, but decided to skip that and go to Lake Taupo cuz we didn’t have enough time.. we stop and took a picture of Mount Doom.. then drove to the lake.. it was a nice town which I’d love to walk around if we’d have the time.. we sat by the lake and had a quick brunch.. made some sandwiches but the wind was blowing hard, it was super cold.. newlyweds (new ke? Hehehe) xtahan.. lepas mkn terus cepat2 lari masuk van.. then we drove up a bit and watch some people tried to hit a hole in one.. the green itself was in the lake, and with the wind and all, it was quite interesting watching them.. we asked papa to try but he just wanted to watch.. plus, the put was full so didn't have the chance.. the rain cut our time short (and we could see the rain approaching)..

 just look at that water behind us

 one of our few attempts of taking a family picture..

 among my favorite place during our vacation was Lake Taupo.. it had this good vibe about it.. too bad we didn't stay long..

oh yeah berjaya photo-bomb muahahaha tp tgkla angel papa amek pic, mmg nk bg org chance pon... 

 'picnic' time.. 

 the water is so clear..


 one of my many pictures on a rock (according to izad) hahahaha

Then we made our way to Tongariro National Park.. at first we thought that it was a park (macam taman titiwangsa tu) and had all these things there (treks and waterfalls etc).. it was quite along drive and it seemed like we reach the place tp macam x sampai2.. and it was empty surrounding us, I couldn’t even guess where the park was.. sadly, apparently it was a different type of park.. it was this huge land and each track were located far from each other.. when we did reached to a point where there was waterfalls, it was already getting dark and papa told to go to the motel.. so drove there, check in and off course, made dinner.. then off course sleep la..