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Friday, July 30, 2010


Omg it’s such a boring day…. Finished our training after 3 days, n 2day, I’m not really sure what to do.. It’s so freaking bored n I don’t feel like doing anything, except go back to sleep or maybe have a nice meal… arghh my weight keeps increasing.. or shall I say, my fats are gaining by d seconds.. It’s 11am already and as at dis morning, I’ve only attended a knowledge sharing session, which frankly was a huge bore, then I manage to do a crappy job at compiling the tasks that CRM needs to do in order for us to continue configuring the limit for testing.. n now I’m just slacking around here pretending to do something important hahaha (hani tgh join meeting ni)

Damn I have to move by end of this day n sit next to suzy… nnooooo the horror *yikes* why can’t she get a bigger cubicle like the rest of the ppl with the same level.. den I can sit with the rest with whom I’ll be doing more of my work with n where it’ll be less awkward.. of course it would be too obvious if I were to suggest that.. I guess I’ll just have to endure it all…

So jue came over the past week for her vacation.. managed to met up with her last Wednesday n have dinner together… frankly, I was tired d whole day but felt dat I might as well make the effort to at least see her, cuz basically we dun see each other dat much.. n d distance could merely be an excuse cuz even if she lives here, I dun think we’d be seeing much of us dat often anyway.. I mean, she has been living here before n we still do hang out about twice a year.. same goes with shikin… she stays just 30 mins drive from where I’m at.. n now dat she’s working, we’re more or less occupied with something else.. she did ym me maybe about a month ago saying dat she was craving Ikeas’ meatball so I asked her if she wanted to go cuz I’ve been wanting to go there for weeks… but den she said its too far.. *roll-eyes* how could a 30 mins drive be far? It’s not like we’re 200km ways apart…

Having frens are tiresome.. had more fun hanging out with my sister’s frens (szu mei, era, alyn, Carmen n ruzana) d night before.. went to Carlos @ Pavvy, which was a Mexican restaurant but I had lamb chop instead.. not really dat adventurous.. n food was good.. huge portion n was worth the 32bucks I paid.. which reminds me, need to pay sis back *note to self* …stayed till almost 11pm den szu mei sent us back… had fun looking for her car in the car park.. hate parking @ pavvy.. planned to buy jco doughnuts but totally forgot about it later hahaha Speaking of which.. I’m craving for it now!! Feel like I could eat half a dozen by myself..3 glazed, 2 berry strawberry n 1 with chocolate… yummy…..

Please drool =b

Friday, July 23, 2010


slacking slacking slacking... It's Friday!! woot!! yesterday was payday so double woot!! taking day off on monday just to clean out my sux to have to plan my leave up front cuz i don't really noe whut i'll be doing in the future... so the days dat i already booked for my leave are :-

July 26 : this coming Monday cuz i just felt like it...

August 26 & 27 : cuz my sis took 27 & 30, but i can't take 30...

September 8 & 9 : right before Raya to help Opah out.. gave the rest a chance to balik kampung considering the furthest my hometown is, is only about 2hrs max drive..

October 15 : right before my bday cuz just felt like it... gonna be 24!!

November 18 & 19: after Aidil Adha so dat i'll have 5 days off!! woot!!

December 3 & 6: so i'll have another 5 days off!! woot!! woot!!

hahaha so i guess if i forget whut days i took, i could just check here =b izad will finish her practical n her presentations n all by end of november i think... so i hope those days off i took in december will coincides with her breaks.. but then again if not, i still have about 7 days of leave left to be decide later...

Jue's here but can't join her vacation as we have MLS n KGR training next week n i have to settle all documents today... projects going on well though... starting to let go of BAUs work ie COB n dv ctpy report... not sure how my level of knowledge is doing tho... still seems like i noe less than i should.. but i guess dat's better then thinking i already noe all there is to noe, n avoid being ignorant.. it's just dat after 7months+ working here, i'm sumtimes still not sure whut i'm suppose to noe...

stop talking about work... bleughh well it's nearly fasting month... can't wait for Raya!! hahaha wanna watch Inception n Sorcerer's Apprentice n maybe even Despicable Me (how do i spell dat?)...

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I Miss College!!

I miss having 8 hours a week classes, which means more fun time (even tho I'm just slacking), I miss studying for exams n having that little part of me dat enjoys studying.. But most of all, I miss my frens there.. Sure I'm not those ppl who have tons and tons of frens but I do get along well with those I dat I got 2 noe along the way, esp Nam Yen who I've known since we studied our foundations in KDU.. I think he was d only 1 who took all d same subject with me at dat time.. We took economics!! N how ironic is it dat whut I'm doing now have more or less sumthing to do with that.... Rite?? Hahaha

So last Friday, I took off from work a bit earlier den usual cuz we had a small gathering in OU.. Thought of going to Chillis but it was full so we switched to Italiannese.. Reached there around 8:30pm after going thru hell finding a parking space.. Good to hear from Simon again, who just got back from Kelantan.. Good 2 noe dat he finally graduated despite only getting BP, n now he's screwing future KDU students!! Hahah I miss hearing all his bullshit, dat actually made my time there more worthwhile.. Still d same guy.. I also miss sharing songs with Nam Yen.. We used to chat almost everyday on MSN n swap new music.. I remember introducing him to Justin Bieber!! Hahaha n he gave me Gaga's Eh Eh when Pokerface was the hit.. Now I dun use MSN anymore, n I barely go on9 FB, so only swap short msgs once in a while..

Pang n his girl are planning to continue their studies in the UK.. Can't recall which university they chose, but I remember how we were talking about how dodgy our Australian degree was hahah it's hard to explain our grades without the cgpa n honest cls.. Nam Yen n Cat r also planning to continue their studies, so good for them.. as for me.. i guess i'll carry on with whut i do until it is too much then i might be open to other options... but in the meantime, i just miss that part of my life so much...

Fuck off u racist

Saturday, July 03, 2010

We Could Always Plan

Hopefully, I’d be able to save about 10k by d end of this year so then next year, I could buy a car.. Yeay!! Well, of course I was aiming for an accord n obviously I can’t afford it, so I might buy sumthing from perodua or proton.. U noe, cheaper cars.. My dad said he could fork in about 20k, so a car under 50k should do it.. I’ll give it some thought 1st but most probably I just might.. Will have 2 ask around about a car loan n if there’s any special rate for MBs’ staff..

Currently in Ampang, attending a cls dat my mum enjoy forcing us to attend.. Sleepy…. *yawns* hmm Brazil n Ghana lost.. Bummer for Ghana, was rooting for them.. Argentina n Germany tonight!! Rooting for Germany..

Can’t wait for my long break =D

Friday, July 02, 2010


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