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Friday, July 30, 2010


Omg it’s such a boring day…. Finished our training after 3 days, n 2day, I’m not really sure what to do.. It’s so freaking bored n I don’t feel like doing anything, except go back to sleep or maybe have a nice meal… arghh my weight keeps increasing.. or shall I say, my fats are gaining by d seconds.. It’s 11am already and as at dis morning, I’ve only attended a knowledge sharing session, which frankly was a huge bore, then I manage to do a crappy job at compiling the tasks that CRM needs to do in order for us to continue configuring the limit for testing.. n now I’m just slacking around here pretending to do something important hahaha (hani tgh join meeting ni)

Damn I have to move by end of this day n sit next to suzy… nnooooo the horror *yikes* why can’t she get a bigger cubicle like the rest of the ppl with the same level.. den I can sit with the rest with whom I’ll be doing more of my work with n where it’ll be less awkward.. of course it would be too obvious if I were to suggest that.. I guess I’ll just have to endure it all…

So jue came over the past week for her vacation.. managed to met up with her last Wednesday n have dinner together… frankly, I was tired d whole day but felt dat I might as well make the effort to at least see her, cuz basically we dun see each other dat much.. n d distance could merely be an excuse cuz even if she lives here, I dun think we’d be seeing much of us dat often anyway.. I mean, she has been living here before n we still do hang out about twice a year.. same goes with shikin… she stays just 30 mins drive from where I’m at.. n now dat she’s working, we’re more or less occupied with something else.. she did ym me maybe about a month ago saying dat she was craving Ikeas’ meatball so I asked her if she wanted to go cuz I’ve been wanting to go there for weeks… but den she said its too far.. *roll-eyes* how could a 30 mins drive be far? It’s not like we’re 200km ways apart…

Having frens are tiresome.. had more fun hanging out with my sister’s frens (szu mei, era, alyn, Carmen n ruzana) d night before.. went to Carlos @ Pavvy, which was a Mexican restaurant but I had lamb chop instead.. not really dat adventurous.. n food was good.. huge portion n was worth the 32bucks I paid.. which reminds me, need to pay sis back *note to self* …stayed till almost 11pm den szu mei sent us back… had fun looking for her car in the car park.. hate parking @ pavvy.. planned to buy jco doughnuts but totally forgot about it later hahaha Speaking of which.. I’m craving for it now!! Feel like I could eat half a dozen by myself..3 glazed, 2 berry strawberry n 1 with chocolate… yummy…..

Please drool =b