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Saturday, July 03, 2010

We Could Always Plan

Hopefully, I’d be able to save about 10k by d end of this year so then next year, I could buy a car.. Yeay!! Well, of course I was aiming for an accord n obviously I can’t afford it, so I might buy sumthing from perodua or proton.. U noe, cheaper cars.. My dad said he could fork in about 20k, so a car under 50k should do it.. I’ll give it some thought 1st but most probably I just might.. Will have 2 ask around about a car loan n if there’s any special rate for MBs’ staff..

Currently in Ampang, attending a cls dat my mum enjoy forcing us to attend.. Sleepy…. *yawns* hmm Brazil n Ghana lost.. Bummer for Ghana, was rooting for them.. Argentina n Germany tonight!! Rooting for Germany..

Can’t wait for my long break =D