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Friday, June 13, 2008


who knew it's already been 5 years since high skool.. i attended my high skool reunion recently, last saturday to be exact.. it was ok, considering the vast of ppl there.. sure i dun mingle wif that crowd but i juz showed up as to not offend my fren sofia.. newayz pics will be up later (later does not mean soon ya =p) this entry will be about poems dat i wrote..

a few days ago, me, my sisters n my mum were in the kitchen talking bout places we want to eat at n things we wished to do.. so my elder sis took a note pad to write down a list.. to keep things short, they found a short poem (4 lines) in it n made a joke bout me writing poems.. i didn't mind cuz it might not occur to ppl dat i like writing.. they didn't know either so this entry will consist of some poems i wrote.. they're not that good but it'll do at the moment i guess..

i found my boyfriend, he was lying in a ditch
i smiled at that pathetic son of a bitch
they said he was missing, missing from where
i knew he was gone but i didn't care
he was cheating on me with the girl next door
it wasn't the first time, this has happened before
he said it was over, i believed him at first
but i saw him again with her, his lips on hers
damn i was fooled again, so i think of a way
to get my revenge cause that bastard had to pay
for the heartache he caused and the pain i went through
five minutes later, i knew what to do

two days later, people were looking around
looking for him up and down
left to right, wherever they could go
some asked me about him, i said i didn't know
and that's the truth, i didn't do anything
except went next door and hear the bell ring
a girl opened the door with blood on her hands
i freaked out, took a step back and ran
i found my boyfriend, he was lying in a ditch
i smiled at that pathetic son of a bitch
he had his heart ripped out of his chest
the funny thing is, he was wearing a dress
people started to gather around with curiosity
some couldn't stand the look of it so they backed up slowly
as for me i was glad cause it was a nice view
to see him gone so i could finally start a new


you were sitting across the room, playing your guitar
i just sat here and watched you from afar
you smiled at me and i smiled back
we were so in love and that's a fact
i wanted to give you something that can't be bought
i looked outside the window and thought

i've always wanted to write a song
a perfect melody that can go along
i grabbed a pen and a piece of paper
and started to write about us together

.My 1st Country Sound.
i watched you from across the street, with a guitar in your hand
you were having a good time, you were laughing with your friends
i saw her walked towards you, in her high heels shoe
a kiss upon the cheek and a warm hug too

how i wish i was her, pretty and lucky
to be noticed by you, and to be loved too
how i wish i was her, full with confidence
and not the shy away from the one she love

it was prom night and she was your date
she wore a beautiful dress that took your breathe away
you never once took your eyes off her
and i wonder, if you notice other girls envy her.