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Thursday, November 24, 2011

1 Down, 2 More To Go

time pass by so fast, and without me conciously realising it, it's already 2 years since i started working here in Maybank.. it's also been a year since i took my car loan, so that means i have another 2 more years to go before i'm debt free!!! owh yeahhh sy xsker berhutang  =b  debt free is the way to go, like what Shaycarl & Kaitilette will say  =b  but that usually work when u're swimming in cash... we borrow or take loan, cuz we have no choice, but that doesn't mean we're not spending wisely right? 

i've never really been the one who is so particular about money.. not totally obsess with it, but doesn't mean that i don't love it (muahahaha mata duitan btol)  i won't go so far and say that i'm a wise spender, cuz sometimes i could be an impulse buyer.. but i'm proud to say that i've never been over the top with my spendings, and pay for things with money i don't have.. i agree with the shaytards that credit card is bad for u (even before i knew about them, so not exactly copy cat hehehe) but i won't cancel my credit card because i need it.. i dun carry a lot of cash in my purse, simply because i tend to use any money i have in it as quickly as i blink, so a credit card helps me pay for things when i don't have cash in hand.. yes there is debit card, but for some reason i like to use my credit card.. points perhaps? anything i swipe, i make sure i actually have money to pay for it, either in my 'spending account' or 'saving account' hehehe

anyway, got out of the topic a bit there  =b  so yeahh another 2 more years to go, and that car is completely mine.. i'm planning to maybe take a rest for about a year, and then get a housing loan hopefully by then.. of course i'll first need to have a house to buy, but i'll think of that later.. i told my dad the other day that i'll have a cap on the price of my future house which is RM1million, and he point blanc laughed at me  =(  huhuhuh he said u won't get it.. u're salary is not enough huhuhu sedih jer dgr k, even tho he knows more n that's most likely true.. so i sliced my max amount.. on top of that, i'm crazy about saving in ASB just cuz i like to see the amount of dividend i'm getting.. can u hear ka-ching?? heheheh i transfered more than 3/4 of my savings to my ASB n now i feel broke.. but it still haven't stop me from savings hehehe i'm trying to get a head start with my housing loan, so i'm saving now bits by bits to buy a house.. hopefully i'll have enough by then, to pay for my downpayment 1st...

all these money talk make me sound like a material girl right? hahahaha whatever, financial planning is important, don't u think? it may not be a solid or proper planning, but it's what i can do and think of at the top of my head.. maybe i could do better with professional advice so that's welcome here.. but i might not go look around reading about it and do my own research... can i just point out that this post isn't quite how i wanted it to be.. it's supposed to be about my car, and my car only.. but it's like it's been drown with all the money talk  =b  so i'm gonna end this with 2 pictures of my car in the workshop.. the 1st time my dad took me there for realignment and balancing my car tyres.. this was before my trip to labuan... hehehehe

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

New Goals

it's not even December yet, but i've already have a 'new year resolution'.. although i don't think that i'll wait till 1st Jan to start.. cuz i could actually start it now.. so it's like a new year resolution ikot calendar islam.. blh kn? heheheh  i think my biggest weakness about these resolutions are always the lack of discipline within me..not only that i'm a super lazy person, i also like to procrastinate so i tend to not get things done accordingly... or in other words, if i have a goal, it might take me to be in a life or death situation before i actually do it hahaha but then again maybe not, cuz getting healthier is more or less a life and death situation, yet i ignore it..

so with all the new goals i have, i will need another main thing for me to push myself, which is to have a higher dicipline within me.. and the way i see it, there's a way for me to achieve it.. which is trying to make it a habit.. out of the various things i've told myself i'll do, there's only one thing that i could think of n see, that i actually follow through, which is drinking more milk... i dun think i've ever drank more milk in my life ever since i made that decision.. cuz really, milk isn't something that i'm fond of.. i only drink milk with cereal n sometimes milk chocolate... but now i'm drinking about everyweek.. yeah it's a small amount, it's the anlene 4X concentration type, so it's rather small actually.. but it's a start for me.. so after dinner, i'll just grab a box n go upstairs n drink.. so in  a way, it's like a habit for me..

so now, i'll try to make other things more of a habit for me.. i'll try to be more involve, a little change of attitude here and there, n hopefully, i'll have less things to complain of  =b i'll take more efforts at stuff n try not to get all emotional etc... so hopefully, i'll acheive my goals.. will have a 3month checkpoint to see how far i've come.. undecided yet 3 month tu ikot calender islam gak or in march etc hehehe

anyway, wishing all Selamat Maal Hijrah to all  =D  

MyNews Cafe

ever since i high skool, i've always walked by this place.. it has lots of franchise from what i know, but never once have i tried it..  went to OU few weeks ago with my lil sis, hunting for dinner... then decided to stop here since i remembered my mum asking about this place, the last time we went to OU together..

i had the cantonese yee mee.. it tasted better than most place, had thick gravy..

izad got the lamb chop.. it was oily tho.. she said it wasn't really oily the last time she ate there.. tasted ok too...

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Back After A Long Break

so i just got back last night from Labuan, reached home at about 9:20pm.. super exhausted even though there wasn't much that i did.. might take a rest this week and blog about it later.. wanna steal some pics from jue after her honeymoon or whenever she uploads them.. got my cousin's engagement this weekend and also another wedding.. so will be pre-occupied.. hopefully get to chillax at home on monday (woot!! i love public holidays hehehe)

anyway, don't wanna write much.. just wanna give a shout out to my best fren, congratulations on ur wedding.. alhamdulillah, it did go well, even tho i noe ko penat sgt kn.. i wish u all the best living with si lijah tu muahahaha n hopefully u have a happy n long lasting marriage.. sorry i didn't get u anything.. if i knew u wanted rak kasut, kiter dh bli for u  =b  nvm, i'll try to figure out something later.. bli brg dapur pon bukannyer ko masak kn muahahaha

i love u bestie...

Monday, November 14, 2011

Counting Down The Days

i'm off to Labuan soon.. so excited to see jue n kin again.. can't really recall when was the last time we met.. most probably when she was here the last time around when we went to Dataran Merdeka.. that was so long.. she's getting married!! weehoo... they grow up so fast  =b  changed my flight to Thrusday, instead of the planned Tuesday.. then will be back here on Monday..  hope everything goes well for her.. she put in a lot of effort for her wedding, i could only wish i could do more for her..

owh well, just a quickie... need to find a suitable tudung for my baju kurung that i planned to wear on her wedding, then need to pack.. then on Wednesday, shopping with lil sis for J card day woot!! woot!!

i'm outtie...

Friday, November 11, 2011

ShaveDay.. Goodbye BeardTard

you've got the moves and the skill,
you're on a mission to kill,
the world is sunshine, you're P.D.effin' Precious,
Hey, you're always making my day,
hey, and i just wanted to say,
thank you Shay, and Kaitilette, Sontard and Princesstard,
and Babytard and Rocktard, and Malachi the dogtard too.

and as promised, the moment we've all been waiting for, after loosing 50 pounds (80 pounds in total actually), Shay has finally shaved off his beard... i must admit, his beard has become one of his trademark, cuz even his some-what logo of his head has the beard.. but it's fun to watch him experiencing this... look at the freaking difference between before and after..

amazing right.. dedication and hardwork.. something i wasn't really about heheheh no worries Shay, what i've always learn from watching Sabrina the Teenage Witch is that "Hair grows!!" hehehe and that's what i keep telling myself whenever i decide to cut my haif after keeping it for so long.. it's kinda weird seeing him without the beard after being accustomed to it for so long.. it's true, Rocktard may not recognise him heheheh fun fun fun with the Shaytards  =b

i wonder how can we sing NicePeter song "cuz your beard is awesome" when he has no beard...

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Nothing Is Greater Than Knowledge Except for Wisdom

title sedikit poyo muahaha this will be a short one..

so last week as i said, was a chilled week for me.. took the day off on Monday, came to office on Tuesday but my boss wasn't, had course on Wednesday and Thursday, then came to office on Friday... see how chillaxing that is.. this week is somewhat the same too in a sense that is replicates last Tuesday.. my boss is not in cuz she's away.. Monday was a public holiday.. had a nice Raya with the family along with the bbq.. no pics, sumer busy makan.. usu had not one, but TWO birthday cakes heheheh one from us and another from her husband.. i love seeing her expression when we presented her with the 2nd cake..*epic winning* hehehe  but then when we wanted to give the cake to opah, we noticed her crying.. she said she was thinking of atok, since it's their youngest child birthday huhuhuh so touching... pics of cakes later sbb dlm camera.. what i wanted to post was just 2 pics of the meal i had during my course hehehe

the course was held at Ritz Carlton and was interesting.. it had it's dry moment but more than half of the part i could relate to a bit, thanx to the IIF Conference slide i had to do  =b i think if i had course everyday of everymonth, i could gain like 10kg of weight hahaha nto cuz of the knowledge that's pouring in my brain, but  cuz of the food we ate. we ate 4 times k, with the tea breaks in between.. but off course i tried to eat as less as i could, only eating the heavy lunch.. lunch was served at either Shook or GonBei n we went to Shook for both days cuz they dun eat Japanese food huhuhuh in Shook we had two choices to choose from..

i had this on the first day.. it's fish with some yellow sauce and mushrooms.. it was yummy, fish was nicely cook, n the sauce was tasty.. not so sure what it was though.. it was served with some side dish and dessert.. there's ceaser salads, tomato soup, eggs, mashed potato and watermelon.. then the dessert was like bread pudding.. the whole meal was nice (except i dun like tomato soup), but was too full to finish everything..

then the next day they were serving the same thing, so i chose spaghetti instead.. the spaghetti was just normal, would prefer my mums' or Kenny Rogers one instead.. served with soup (dunnoe what soup), calamari, small toast with mushroom, tomato with cheese, olives, and something like tiramisu for dessert.. if i had to choose, i'll prefer the first day meal better..

i ate this during my coourse, so i didn't know how much it'll cost so i could benchmark whether it's worth it or not, but if it doens't cost that much n u had to choose, i'll suggest the 1st one.. for a person who doen't really like fish (except when eating fish & chips), that meal is not bad...

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

New Show to Follow

owh yeahh got a new tv serires to follow... previously, i was obsessed with leverage (still am) and since that's been at rest for the moment, i'm looking for other shows to watch.. i'm still with Gossip Girl, Glee and Psych (besides Leverage).. i've dropped OTH completely for about 2 or 3 seasons already, but might wanna catch the last season cuz Tyler Hilton will be in it.. and now i've got New Girl starring Zooey Deschanel, that quirky, lovable girl.. and yes, that's still how her character is in the show  =D  it's so fun to watch, but i think it's a 30mins show instead of an hour.. owh well, that's enough for me.. 

there are others that i do enjoy watching but don't follow frequently like the ones i mentioned.. what tv shows do u watch?

What Is Marriage Worth To You?

isn't it funny that E! still airs Kim's (so-called) Fairytale Wedding after she filed for divorce.. maybe they were having high hopes that she'll last as long as Khloe did.. but that would be better then her filing for divorce before they air the show right? hahaha that would be hillarious.. so yeah, in the midst of it all, i can't help but wonder, what does marriage mean to u?

off course the answer differs among us, n most probably, it has some similarity.. i won't argue that most people marry for love.. but what makes it different, is how long and happy will it last.. what makes u stay and hold on, what makes u give it all up together and say it's over... is marriage just a 'thing' u go through in life? or is it something really sacred..

many questions that don't have a definite answer.. i guess it all comes down to the individual themselves to define it... there are some that say it's sacred, that's why there's the whole ceremony and celebrating the day, it's official, 'i'm stuck with u'.. there are some that don't see the point of it.. there are couple who's been together for the longest time and don't think a piece of paper could make a difference...

but really, is marriage something that u wanna do today, but may not want to tomorrow.. is it that easy to end it? and let's just put kim's case aside cuz frankly, u can't have a reality show n not make people think that ur marriage is a publicity stunt.. i mean come on, what would u expect? u had a full 4 hours of a show just to show the 'drama' of it.. so yeah, with that aside, what about ur everyday person? what about us muslims? i'm not sure about other religion, but i haven't heard that if they say 'i'll divorce u' then that's the end.. i mean some poeple need to go to the court and file for divorce and the 2 will need to sign papers and only then will it be official.. but (correct me if i'm wrong), us muslims, once the husband utter those words, then u're more or less already divorced.. there is the whole process of going through court and all, but u can't stay with each other right? so in that case, how easy is it to just say those words and end something sacred? and through it all, what makes a long lasting happy marriage...

words are a powerfull tool.. use them wisely..

You Are Now Watching The Shaytards Vlogs!!

just sit back, relax, follow along,
do the thing Shay says, do the thing Shay does,
with his cool family and just because,
his kids are P.D.effin'.P,
a daily vlog for two years are you excited for three?
we're ready for a video so let it be clear,
hey!! he's vlogging here...

one word.. obsessed!!!

i'm so in love with this family (other than mine of course), they make the Kardashians look pathetic (or not hehehe)  it helps a lot to have adorable kids, no matter how obnoxious they can be.. and now, the vlogging thing has extended to the other tards, not just Casey n Logan, but also the Moms, Kaitilette, Carlee and Kayli.. watched Carlee's interview with Jackson Harris, so cute hehehe  i love a guy who has the kinda stare that can melt u when he sings... and he has that... voice-wise was ok2 jer  =b  the shaytards were in his Go Crazy video... look it up on youtube.. we don't, we don't, we don't need a reason, to go, to go, to go crazy!!

and now they are coming out with their 2012 calendar which cost about 20 bucks.. but with the currency exchange along with the shipping charges, it cost RM90.. that much for a calendar? we're thinking twice.. although it does sound tempting.. almost as tempting as sending our own pic to them in hoping that the handsome guy in charge of selecting pix, will choose ours... but in the words of Shaycarl, we don't need to buy their stuff just because we like them.. it'll help if we have the money.. he was talking about the tweak shoe but i could relate right?

obviously i have nothing better to talk about right now  =b  shaytards should get their own labels, don't u think? hehehehe

Friday, November 04, 2011

Open Letter For You, My Friend

My dearest friend,

i'm so proud of u =D i can't really imagine going through that myself.. i don't believe i'm that strong of a person.. i wish that we were close enough to go through this together cuz let's face it, knowing u from a younger age doesn't gurantee a tight bond (or so i learn).. so words i say could easily pass as being 'polite'  =b but really, as u say it, we might not comprehend the extent of what u're going through, the way u're protraying it, and i also don't feel like my efforts of reaching out to you is enough to show how i do care (even the slightest bit)...

as we grow up, we tend to learn more from experience and mistakes we make.. we tend to realise things we didn't before.. we started as being young with great ambitions.. but as time goes by, with reality hitting us hard, we would narrow our scope.. and in the end, to me at least, our ambition is to just be happy with life, satisfy with doing the things we do, and just things we would generally want in life to come about..

i once heard that to learn things in life, look at the cliche'.. cuz as much as those words are always spoken, the truthfullness of them never fail.. things happen for a reason.. that could be your case.. taking the course u're taking might be one of those reason.. u learn things some does not.. and because of the things u learn, u were strong enough to seek help.. u may not fathom it completely, like u say, and neither do we, but it might, more or less, helped u to notice those red flags, to help u avoid doing the unthinkable.. and maybe even, going through this will help u in the future.. ur challanges today could be a reason for u to overcome another challange in the future.. n u'd think back to this day and go "wow, how could i ever overcome this if i hadn't gone through that".. hence another cliche', God has a plan for me (as i always here in Oprah).. and it's true.. God also won't make u go through things He knows u can't handle.. and that's not about being unfair, but about the strength He knows u have within..

having to say all of that, yes i do admit that i myself don't know much about what u're going through, n i could only presume and imagine myself being in ur shoe.. i don't have that feeling of understanding where u're coming from, but that doesn't mean i have zero empathy.. i've always believe in empathy as oppose to sympathy, in which these two are completely different.. but there's also a thin line separating them.. it'll be very hard to tell whether u're feeling sympathy for what someone is going through, or my case, i really do want to feel empathy for u.. i wanna feel ur pain, so i can truly say i understand what u're going through.. n only after having that understanding, will we be able to go through something together.. too many word repetition but i hope u get my point..

and coming back again to my earlier point, we may know each other long, but not well enough (especially with that gap of losing touch) but then again, sometimes u don't need to talk about ur problems to the closest people u know.. sometimes things are more easier to tell a stranger.. that's why we would go see some guy, lie down, n suddenly pour out our soul to them.. we don't always expect them to solve our rpoblem, but we hope it could help ease them a bit.. i just want u to knwo that i could be that person if u have nowhere else to go.. i'm just human, n we sometimes don't know what the right things to say at an awkward time.. but to me, there's two types of people.. those who come to u for advice, and those who wants an ear to hear or a shoulder to cry on.. if u need comforting words, i'll do my best to find ways to make things better.. i can't promise that i could make them go away, but i do hope that i could help.. but if u just want me to know what u're going through, i'll do my best to just understand..

bottomline, no one is alone.. u may think that we don't understand or comprehend the length of ur problem, but believe me, there is someone out there who does.. someone who might be going through the exact same thing u currently are.. u're words of enlightment on this matter have shed a light at some point, no matter from which angle u're looking it from.. i could only wish u're getting the support u needed and want.. the things u're going through now, might slip my mind every now and then, cuz we don't really talk everyday, or everyweek.. but please do not hessitate to 'knock on my door' no matter how random or awkward the situation.. my arms are always open for u.. we'll make the best out of it.. u're too great of a person not to  =)  i hope u get the happiness u deserve...


Thursday, November 03, 2011

Quote of the Week

forgot to scheduled something earlier, so this is actually back-dated....

"Just because somebody doesn't love you the way you want them to, it doesn't mean they don't love you with everything they've got" ---  Unkwown.

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Tazkirah During the Weekend

enough about food... 4 post in a row, within the same day, all about food.. gler ke ape  =b  normal kn? hahaha  anyway, switching it up a lil bit.. during the weekend, we attended 2 classes with mama.. she usually takes us when she feels a need..  furthest i went was at Rembau, temankn mama utk majlis Syeikh Fuad.. his classes are nice, not allowed to record tho... anyway, besides him, mama also takes us to majlis2 that are for woman only which is usually by ustazah2.. so far, went to Ustazah Alina n Ustazah Halimah.. both from Indonesia (not so sure which part of it)..

so during this weekend, attended two classes of Ustazah Alina.. Saturday kt ttdi, n the other kt BU on Sunday.. on saturday we had Burdah.. die mcm marhabban i think, basically poems or syair by Imam Busairy praising Nabi Muhammad s.a.w... the story behind it is very interesting.. Imam Busairy used to write poems for the kings suring his days.. then one day he thought, rather than doing that, he might as well write praises to Nabi Muhammad s.a.w.. i'm not quite sure whether he was paralysed from the start or later in his years, but point is, one day he dream about Nabi Muhammad coming to him and put a burdah on him (or his legs, i forgot which one) burdah is actually a piece of cloth.. so when he woke up, he was no longer paralyse.. i'm not quite sure if the burdah was there too when he woke up or not, gotta recheck the story.. so yeah that's how it came about, n ustazah Alina really loves her burdah.. on that day, she explained the meanings of the burdah..  i like how one story leads to another, n how it all makes sense..

saturday burdah explanation was mostly about the four things that could 'ruin' us.. i can't find the right words, but basically something like dangerous or bahaya to us.. nafsu, syaitan, bumi n manusia.. so the 2nd burdah was about nafsu.. how it's the most dangerous one among all but the one we love the most among all, cuz it's within us.. she also talked about the different types of nafsu, the lowest being nafsu ammarah bisu (kn izad hehehe)  she explained how in the burdah, it mentioned that with all the signs of aging, we don't take that as a wake up call etc.. also the ways to have the upper hand, which is by eating less or make urself feel hungry, and a lot of doa.. hehehe interesting la.. quite long if nk repeat so just writing bits of it to remember..

then on sunday morning was about wudu'.. simple jer, the sunah of wudu' how it starts with niat, and ends with tertib.. the 2nd step which is washing ur face, took long to explain.. n u wouldn't think it's possible at first.. not wudu' but washing ur face could take about an hour + to explain... of course it's cuz there's story behind it... one interesting to point out was how we take our wudu' and what makes our wudu' batal.. very different things.. think of the things that'll batal our wudu' then whe we take our wudu' different parts of the body are the ones we need to cleanse.. so then she told the story of the first sins done by Nabi Adam n Hawa.. how most of the human senses are at our face, i.e. eyes, small, taste.. n that's why we clense our face as away of taking out the sins (ok ayat tu cm klakar but i think u'll get the point).. and also the reason why we cleanse our hands, feet and even the top of our heads.. all that have something to do with the first sin committed which the Nabi Adam and Hawa eating the khuld (btol ke tu?)

she also explained the doa2 (besides the norm) while taking our wudu'... each steps have their own doa.. n that's why ustazah alina say, a less than 3 minutes thing could actually take up to 30 minutes to do properly.. i don't quote this cuz i don't remember it by heart but it does goes a lil' something like this, sabda Rasullullah s.a.w, 'Barang siapa yg memperbaguskan wudu', maka terkeluarlah dosa2 mereka bersama air wudu'.. note to self.. she told other stories as well, n i'm more interested in hearing these stories.. then ustazah Fatimah gave a few words as well on adab.. how Imam Maliki would be the most adab person, n how Imam Shafie learn from him... something like that la..

anyway that's it la... pjg menjela mcm poyo plak hahaha checking my calender to see if i can take some days off if mama wants me to teman her in Dec.. owh and any info above which are not quite right, pls lemme noe and correct me.. bab2 agama sy mmg kureng sgt  =b  toodles..

Cupcakes Galore

the title is a bit deceiving but whutever.. big shout out to my frens in Maybank (Hani, Wahida, Ady, Sharul) hehehe thanx a lot peeps, i really2 like it a lot  =D  we went for lunch at Subway just now, Farah (the new girl) tagged along.. went up the stairs and saw this ot our table...

hehehe my first thought was "hani xmkn lagi ke cupcakes die?"  cuz she bought some for her husband as u can see here... so when i took a closer look, it actually say Happy Belated Birthday Inaz *insert skull pic* muahahahah cute.. luv it.. they noe i love anything with skull, even if it looks like 'gigi jongang' hahahaha

ady n sharul xde pic plak... nvm.. thanx again korg  =D

owh they're Red Velvet Cupcakes made by Kak Suzy...

More Food!!!

it's no wonder i'm gaining weight as fast as Kim gets a divorce  =b  this will just be a short one tho... so, as a Shaytards addict, everything they do gets our attention... even their mac & cheese hahaha  izad has been wanting it for some time, ever since she saw Princesstard make some.. so on Sunday, we went to Cold Storage and found one that looks good.. we bought the small packet just to try it out first..

don't have a pic of the packet but it's blue.. it's easy to make.. boil some water n put in the macaroni.. wait till their cook, then drain out the water... while it's hot, add in some margerine, milk and the cheese mix... mix it all together and u get this yummy instant mac & cheese heheheh now, we'll have to buy more so my lil sis won't starve at home  =b

then for dinner, i requested mama to cook the Black Pepper Beef.. super yummy (everything is super yummy to me kn? hahaha ) they're easy to make.. u can find the recipe here, just in case muahahahaha

looking forward to mama's rendang ayam this Raya Haji... might be having a bbq to celebrate bday usu woot!! woot!!

Le Meridien, KL

if u've read this blog a year ago, u might notice this post... we're trying a new family tradition n it's our second time doing it.. it's a 5 in 1 dinner where we celebrate all our 5 birthdays hehehe so instead of having 5 separate dinner (or 4 cuz mama n yaya share the same day n that's usually combined) we're gonna pack all those day to 1 day and have a lavish dinner.. last year we went to Ole-Ole Bali, n this year we chose the Le Meridien.. it's our second time dining here, we went there i think 2 years ago during Christmas a.k.a my parents anniversary n had the best time ever..

Anyway, the parking for both hotels (including Hilton) were full n at first we thought of going to Traders but then we tried to park at KL Central instead.. reached there and thankfully there was an empty table for us  =D yeayyy we were super happy to see the buffet table look the same like the last time we came.. how'd we know? cuz at the entrance, we could see the fondue fountain weehoo.. so without further a due, let the pix begin...

first off, we'll start with what i ate, i was too busy eating that i always forget to snap pix.. izad n i went to the bbq section first (i think).. i took 1 chicken, 1 beef, squid n clam on a stick, n hot dogs.. then when i saw that my plate was quite empty, i went to other section n took 1 sushi, salmons, two sea asparagus, more clams and a shrimp.. took tomato sauce (cuz i thought it was chili) n thousand island for dressing.. and walla, u get this..

from my phone

izad's phone hahaha saje jer...

then i had two rounds of dessert... yes2 i know, cepat sgt dh dessert, but i was full up to dat part.. n i know i didn't eat much compare to the previous time i was here.. so for dessert, i had more salmon, arabic bread pudding, fruits and some creamy stuff which had mango cocktail which i dunnoe what it is but yummy...  then i had more of that, another piece of watermelon, strawberry fondue and some gummy bears..

then topped it off with some tea

ok done.. now for the fun part... more pics of food..

 more dim sum from yaya

tempayaki style beef and scallop for papa (wanted to have the scallop after my 1st dessert but i think they were finish =(  that's why i had 2 desserts hahaha)

 the bbq section, the first thing on my plate...

 cold food.. sushi and salmons were from here..

super cold food? hahah cuz there's ice.. the shrimps, oysters, clams, crabs and sea asparagus.

 the selection of bread.. the soft roll was finished when we arrived.. the bread that izad took keras gler..

 some of the food behind us that was served along the rice.. the oxtail is in the row but not in the pix.. skipped this section but they had fish, chicken, vege etc...

 salads-salads, not for me hehehe dun really like these type of salads.. usually just eat the normal cucumber, tomato n lettuce with thousand island.. simple yet nice..

 among the indian style food (i think) that they have.. there were roti canai, capati etc here too.. we didn't had any servings from this section though except the lamb that papa had..

 among the sweets and nuts we could have.. the gummy bear was from here.. no m&m though (they had them the last time)

 the strawberry on sticks, ready to be covered with chocolate

 the captivating chocolate fondue fountain (u're welcome to drool)

while waiting for coffee and tea, we played with our gummy bears hahaha put a stick behind their backs then make them walk about  =D

well that's it.. hope u enjoy the pics...  if u could eat a lot and have extra2 money u feel like splurging , this place is highly recommended... total damage for this buffet for 5? ermm bout RM600++ (including tax)... shocking? we all had heartattacks the first time here too hahahah  thank you papa for the lovely dinner hehehe  looking forward to our next one  =b
up to this i was starting to get full, but not quite yet.. we tried not to eat much during the day so i just munch on cheerios.. but then we went for Burdah with Ustazah Alina and the house served yummy food so we ate super2 a bit.. 1 plate share 4 ppl tau... but it was already 5pm ++ at that time, about an hour ++ till our dinner... bad timing *sigh*.. anyway, went to the dim sum place next and had these two super yummy dim sum (i already ate one before remembering to snap a pic =b ) and one oxtail...

Vicchuda, Kota Damansara

just a short review.. writing on another one as i type here which is way wayy better hehehe.. so last week was a bit like a rest day for my mum.. tok was in town after visiting my uncle (omg i completely forgot to mention that my uncle's house in Johor caught fire huhuhu) so papa send tok back that monday and stayed overnight there.. which, in our house means, no cooking hehehe yup, we usually eat out if papa is not around, so mama won't have to cook.. so that night we ate at Vicchuda Restaurant at Kota Damansara.. we weren't so sure what to eat, cuz Santai was close on Monday.. then mama said she wanted food like meehun soup or tom yam etc, so izad mentioned about this place... at first glance the place look ok, maybe not an A+, but maybe a B..

went in and ordered our food.. 

we had Tom Yam campur.. this was for 3 ppl, but after dh amek2 la... nmpk sket sgt compare if bli separate for 3.. 

then izad ordered ayam masak merah...

we had kangkung goreng for our veg...

the sotong tepung sounded yummy so we ordered that and xsangka byk gler  huhuhuh

and also telur dadar (no pix, telur dadar biasa jer so use ur imagination k hahaha)

overall the food was ok, biasa2 jer.. the tom yam was better than the one we had at Bangkok Express.. along with 4 drinks, the total damage was about RM63... will i go again?  nope, cuz the place a bit dirty.. mcm xsapu sgt... my theory? cuz sumer pekerja lelaki muahahaha  =b