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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Nothing Is Greater Than Knowledge Except for Wisdom

title sedikit poyo muahaha this will be a short one..

so last week as i said, was a chilled week for me.. took the day off on Monday, came to office on Tuesday but my boss wasn't, had course on Wednesday and Thursday, then came to office on Friday... see how chillaxing that is.. this week is somewhat the same too in a sense that is replicates last Tuesday.. my boss is not in cuz she's away.. Monday was a public holiday.. had a nice Raya with the family along with the bbq.. no pics, sumer busy makan.. usu had not one, but TWO birthday cakes heheheh one from us and another from her husband.. i love seeing her expression when we presented her with the 2nd cake..*epic winning* hehehe  but then when we wanted to give the cake to opah, we noticed her crying.. she said she was thinking of atok, since it's their youngest child birthday huhuhuh so touching... pics of cakes later sbb dlm camera.. what i wanted to post was just 2 pics of the meal i had during my course hehehe

the course was held at Ritz Carlton and was interesting.. it had it's dry moment but more than half of the part i could relate to a bit, thanx to the IIF Conference slide i had to do  =b i think if i had course everyday of everymonth, i could gain like 10kg of weight hahaha nto cuz of the knowledge that's pouring in my brain, but  cuz of the food we ate. we ate 4 times k, with the tea breaks in between.. but off course i tried to eat as less as i could, only eating the heavy lunch.. lunch was served at either Shook or GonBei n we went to Shook for both days cuz they dun eat Japanese food huhuhuh in Shook we had two choices to choose from..

i had this on the first day.. it's fish with some yellow sauce and mushrooms.. it was yummy, fish was nicely cook, n the sauce was tasty.. not so sure what it was though.. it was served with some side dish and dessert.. there's ceaser salads, tomato soup, eggs, mashed potato and watermelon.. then the dessert was like bread pudding.. the whole meal was nice (except i dun like tomato soup), but was too full to finish everything..

then the next day they were serving the same thing, so i chose spaghetti instead.. the spaghetti was just normal, would prefer my mums' or Kenny Rogers one instead.. served with soup (dunnoe what soup), calamari, small toast with mushroom, tomato with cheese, olives, and something like tiramisu for dessert.. if i had to choose, i'll prefer the first day meal better..

i ate this during my coourse, so i didn't know how much it'll cost so i could benchmark whether it's worth it or not, but if it doens't cost that much n u had to choose, i'll suggest the 1st one.. for a person who doen't really like fish (except when eating fish & chips), that meal is not bad...