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Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Le Meridien, KL

if u've read this blog a year ago, u might notice this post... we're trying a new family tradition n it's our second time doing it.. it's a 5 in 1 dinner where we celebrate all our 5 birthdays hehehe so instead of having 5 separate dinner (or 4 cuz mama n yaya share the same day n that's usually combined) we're gonna pack all those day to 1 day and have a lavish dinner.. last year we went to Ole-Ole Bali, n this year we chose the Le Meridien.. it's our second time dining here, we went there i think 2 years ago during Christmas a.k.a my parents anniversary n had the best time ever..

Anyway, the parking for both hotels (including Hilton) were full n at first we thought of going to Traders but then we tried to park at KL Central instead.. reached there and thankfully there was an empty table for us  =D yeayyy we were super happy to see the buffet table look the same like the last time we came.. how'd we know? cuz at the entrance, we could see the fondue fountain weehoo.. so without further a due, let the pix begin...

first off, we'll start with what i ate, i was too busy eating that i always forget to snap pix.. izad n i went to the bbq section first (i think).. i took 1 chicken, 1 beef, squid n clam on a stick, n hot dogs.. then when i saw that my plate was quite empty, i went to other section n took 1 sushi, salmons, two sea asparagus, more clams and a shrimp.. took tomato sauce (cuz i thought it was chili) n thousand island for dressing.. and walla, u get this..

from my phone

izad's phone hahaha saje jer...

then i had two rounds of dessert... yes2 i know, cepat sgt dh dessert, but i was full up to dat part.. n i know i didn't eat much compare to the previous time i was here.. so for dessert, i had more salmon, arabic bread pudding, fruits and some creamy stuff which had mango cocktail which i dunnoe what it is but yummy...  then i had more of that, another piece of watermelon, strawberry fondue and some gummy bears..

then topped it off with some tea

ok done.. now for the fun part... more pics of food..

 more dim sum from yaya

tempayaki style beef and scallop for papa (wanted to have the scallop after my 1st dessert but i think they were finish =(  that's why i had 2 desserts hahaha)

 the bbq section, the first thing on my plate...

 cold food.. sushi and salmons were from here..

super cold food? hahah cuz there's ice.. the shrimps, oysters, clams, crabs and sea asparagus.

 the selection of bread.. the soft roll was finished when we arrived.. the bread that izad took keras gler..

 some of the food behind us that was served along the rice.. the oxtail is in the row but not in the pix.. skipped this section but they had fish, chicken, vege etc...

 salads-salads, not for me hehehe dun really like these type of salads.. usually just eat the normal cucumber, tomato n lettuce with thousand island.. simple yet nice..

 among the indian style food (i think) that they have.. there were roti canai, capati etc here too.. we didn't had any servings from this section though except the lamb that papa had..

 among the sweets and nuts we could have.. the gummy bear was from here.. no m&m though (they had them the last time)

 the strawberry on sticks, ready to be covered with chocolate

 the captivating chocolate fondue fountain (u're welcome to drool)

while waiting for coffee and tea, we played with our gummy bears hahaha put a stick behind their backs then make them walk about  =D

well that's it.. hope u enjoy the pics...  if u could eat a lot and have extra2 money u feel like splurging , this place is highly recommended... total damage for this buffet for 5? ermm bout RM600++ (including tax)... shocking? we all had heartattacks the first time here too hahahah  thank you papa for the lovely dinner hehehe  looking forward to our next one  =b
up to this i was starting to get full, but not quite yet.. we tried not to eat much during the day so i just munch on cheerios.. but then we went for Burdah with Ustazah Alina and the house served yummy food so we ate super2 a bit.. 1 plate share 4 ppl tau... but it was already 5pm ++ at that time, about an hour ++ till our dinner... bad timing *sigh*.. anyway, went to the dim sum place next and had these two super yummy dim sum (i already ate one before remembering to snap a pic =b ) and one oxtail...