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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

New Goals

it's not even December yet, but i've already have a 'new year resolution'.. although i don't think that i'll wait till 1st Jan to start.. cuz i could actually start it now.. so it's like a new year resolution ikot calendar islam.. blh kn? heheheh  i think my biggest weakness about these resolutions are always the lack of discipline within me..not only that i'm a super lazy person, i also like to procrastinate so i tend to not get things done accordingly... or in other words, if i have a goal, it might take me to be in a life or death situation before i actually do it hahaha but then again maybe not, cuz getting healthier is more or less a life and death situation, yet i ignore it..

so with all the new goals i have, i will need another main thing for me to push myself, which is to have a higher dicipline within me.. and the way i see it, there's a way for me to achieve it.. which is trying to make it a habit.. out of the various things i've told myself i'll do, there's only one thing that i could think of n see, that i actually follow through, which is drinking more milk... i dun think i've ever drank more milk in my life ever since i made that decision.. cuz really, milk isn't something that i'm fond of.. i only drink milk with cereal n sometimes milk chocolate... but now i'm drinking about everyweek.. yeah it's a small amount, it's the anlene 4X concentration type, so it's rather small actually.. but it's a start for me.. so after dinner, i'll just grab a box n go upstairs n drink.. so in  a way, it's like a habit for me..

so now, i'll try to make other things more of a habit for me.. i'll try to be more involve, a little change of attitude here and there, n hopefully, i'll have less things to complain of  =b i'll take more efforts at stuff n try not to get all emotional etc... so hopefully, i'll acheive my goals.. will have a 3month checkpoint to see how far i've come.. undecided yet 3 month tu ikot calender islam gak or in march etc hehehe

anyway, wishing all Selamat Maal Hijrah to all  =D