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Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Vicchuda, Kota Damansara

just a short review.. writing on another one as i type here which is way wayy better hehehe.. so last week was a bit like a rest day for my mum.. tok was in town after visiting my uncle (omg i completely forgot to mention that my uncle's house in Johor caught fire huhuhu) so papa send tok back that monday and stayed overnight there.. which, in our house means, no cooking hehehe yup, we usually eat out if papa is not around, so mama won't have to cook.. so that night we ate at Vicchuda Restaurant at Kota Damansara.. we weren't so sure what to eat, cuz Santai was close on Monday.. then mama said she wanted food like meehun soup or tom yam etc, so izad mentioned about this place... at first glance the place look ok, maybe not an A+, but maybe a B..

went in and ordered our food.. 

we had Tom Yam campur.. this was for 3 ppl, but after dh amek2 la... nmpk sket sgt compare if bli separate for 3.. 

then izad ordered ayam masak merah...

we had kangkung goreng for our veg...

the sotong tepung sounded yummy so we ordered that and xsangka byk gler  huhuhuh

and also telur dadar (no pix, telur dadar biasa jer so use ur imagination k hahaha)

overall the food was ok, biasa2 jer.. the tom yam was better than the one we had at Bangkok Express.. along with 4 drinks, the total damage was about RM63... will i go again?  nope, cuz the place a bit dirty.. mcm xsapu sgt... my theory? cuz sumer pekerja lelaki muahahaha  =b