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Tuesday, November 01, 2011

More Food!!!

it's no wonder i'm gaining weight as fast as Kim gets a divorce  =b  this will just be a short one tho... so, as a Shaytards addict, everything they do gets our attention... even their mac & cheese hahaha  izad has been wanting it for some time, ever since she saw Princesstard make some.. so on Sunday, we went to Cold Storage and found one that looks good.. we bought the small packet just to try it out first..

don't have a pic of the packet but it's blue.. it's easy to make.. boil some water n put in the macaroni.. wait till their cook, then drain out the water... while it's hot, add in some margerine, milk and the cheese mix... mix it all together and u get this yummy instant mac & cheese heheheh now, we'll have to buy more so my lil sis won't starve at home  =b

then for dinner, i requested mama to cook the Black Pepper Beef.. super yummy (everything is super yummy to me kn? hahaha ) they're easy to make.. u can find the recipe here, just in case muahahahaha

looking forward to mama's rendang ayam this Raya Haji... might be having a bbq to celebrate bday usu woot!! woot!!