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Friday, November 11, 2011

ShaveDay.. Goodbye BeardTard

you've got the moves and the skill,
you're on a mission to kill,
the world is sunshine, you're P.D.effin' Precious,
Hey, you're always making my day,
hey, and i just wanted to say,
thank you Shay, and Kaitilette, Sontard and Princesstard,
and Babytard and Rocktard, and Malachi the dogtard too.

and as promised, the moment we've all been waiting for, after loosing 50 pounds (80 pounds in total actually), Shay has finally shaved off his beard... i must admit, his beard has become one of his trademark, cuz even his some-what logo of his head has the beard.. but it's fun to watch him experiencing this... look at the freaking difference between before and after..

amazing right.. dedication and hardwork.. something i wasn't really about heheheh no worries Shay, what i've always learn from watching Sabrina the Teenage Witch is that "Hair grows!!" hehehe and that's what i keep telling myself whenever i decide to cut my haif after keeping it for so long.. it's kinda weird seeing him without the beard after being accustomed to it for so long.. it's true, Rocktard may not recognise him heheheh fun fun fun with the Shaytards  =b

i wonder how can we sing NicePeter song "cuz your beard is awesome" when he has no beard...