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Thursday, November 24, 2011

1 Down, 2 More To Go

time pass by so fast, and without me conciously realising it, it's already 2 years since i started working here in Maybank.. it's also been a year since i took my car loan, so that means i have another 2 more years to go before i'm debt free!!! owh yeahhh sy xsker berhutang  =b  debt free is the way to go, like what Shaycarl & Kaitilette will say  =b  but that usually work when u're swimming in cash... we borrow or take loan, cuz we have no choice, but that doesn't mean we're not spending wisely right? 

i've never really been the one who is so particular about money.. not totally obsess with it, but doesn't mean that i don't love it (muahahaha mata duitan btol)  i won't go so far and say that i'm a wise spender, cuz sometimes i could be an impulse buyer.. but i'm proud to say that i've never been over the top with my spendings, and pay for things with money i don't have.. i agree with the shaytards that credit card is bad for u (even before i knew about them, so not exactly copy cat hehehe) but i won't cancel my credit card because i need it.. i dun carry a lot of cash in my purse, simply because i tend to use any money i have in it as quickly as i blink, so a credit card helps me pay for things when i don't have cash in hand.. yes there is debit card, but for some reason i like to use my credit card.. points perhaps? anything i swipe, i make sure i actually have money to pay for it, either in my 'spending account' or 'saving account' hehehe

anyway, got out of the topic a bit there  =b  so yeahh another 2 more years to go, and that car is completely mine.. i'm planning to maybe take a rest for about a year, and then get a housing loan hopefully by then.. of course i'll first need to have a house to buy, but i'll think of that later.. i told my dad the other day that i'll have a cap on the price of my future house which is RM1million, and he point blanc laughed at me  =(  huhuhuh he said u won't get it.. u're salary is not enough huhuhu sedih jer dgr k, even tho he knows more n that's most likely true.. so i sliced my max amount.. on top of that, i'm crazy about saving in ASB just cuz i like to see the amount of dividend i'm getting.. can u hear ka-ching?? heheheh i transfered more than 3/4 of my savings to my ASB n now i feel broke.. but it still haven't stop me from savings hehehe i'm trying to get a head start with my housing loan, so i'm saving now bits by bits to buy a house.. hopefully i'll have enough by then, to pay for my downpayment 1st...

all these money talk make me sound like a material girl right? hahahaha whatever, financial planning is important, don't u think? it may not be a solid or proper planning, but it's what i can do and think of at the top of my head.. maybe i could do better with professional advice so that's welcome here.. but i might not go look around reading about it and do my own research... can i just point out that this post isn't quite how i wanted it to be.. it's supposed to be about my car, and my car only.. but it's like it's been drown with all the money talk  =b  so i'm gonna end this with 2 pictures of my car in the workshop.. the 1st time my dad took me there for realignment and balancing my car tyres.. this was before my trip to labuan... hehehehe