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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Back After A Long Break

so i just got back last night from Labuan, reached home at about 9:20pm.. super exhausted even though there wasn't much that i did.. might take a rest this week and blog about it later.. wanna steal some pics from jue after her honeymoon or whenever she uploads them.. got my cousin's engagement this weekend and also another wedding.. so will be pre-occupied.. hopefully get to chillax at home on monday (woot!! i love public holidays hehehe)

anyway, don't wanna write much.. just wanna give a shout out to my best fren, congratulations on ur wedding.. alhamdulillah, it did go well, even tho i noe ko penat sgt kn.. i wish u all the best living with si lijah tu muahahaha n hopefully u have a happy n long lasting marriage.. sorry i didn't get u anything.. if i knew u wanted rak kasut, kiter dh bli for u  =b  nvm, i'll try to figure out something later.. bli brg dapur pon bukannyer ko masak kn muahahaha

i love u bestie...