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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

You Are Now Watching The Shaytards Vlogs!!

just sit back, relax, follow along,
do the thing Shay says, do the thing Shay does,
with his cool family and just because,
his kids are P.D.effin'.P,
a daily vlog for two years are you excited for three?
we're ready for a video so let it be clear,
hey!! he's vlogging here...

one word.. obsessed!!!

i'm so in love with this family (other than mine of course), they make the Kardashians look pathetic (or not hehehe)  it helps a lot to have adorable kids, no matter how obnoxious they can be.. and now, the vlogging thing has extended to the other tards, not just Casey n Logan, but also the Moms, Kaitilette, Carlee and Kayli.. watched Carlee's interview with Jackson Harris, so cute hehehe  i love a guy who has the kinda stare that can melt u when he sings... and he has that... voice-wise was ok2 jer  =b  the shaytards were in his Go Crazy video... look it up on youtube.. we don't, we don't, we don't need a reason, to go, to go, to go crazy!!

and now they are coming out with their 2012 calendar which cost about 20 bucks.. but with the currency exchange along with the shipping charges, it cost RM90.. that much for a calendar? we're thinking twice.. although it does sound tempting.. almost as tempting as sending our own pic to them in hoping that the handsome guy in charge of selecting pix, will choose ours... but in the words of Shaycarl, we don't need to buy their stuff just because we like them.. it'll help if we have the money.. he was talking about the tweak shoe but i could relate right?

obviously i have nothing better to talk about right now  =b  shaytards should get their own labels, don't u think? hehehehe