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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

What Is Marriage Worth To You?

isn't it funny that E! still airs Kim's (so-called) Fairytale Wedding after she filed for divorce.. maybe they were having high hopes that she'll last as long as Khloe did.. but that would be better then her filing for divorce before they air the show right? hahaha that would be hillarious.. so yeah, in the midst of it all, i can't help but wonder, what does marriage mean to u?

off course the answer differs among us, n most probably, it has some similarity.. i won't argue that most people marry for love.. but what makes it different, is how long and happy will it last.. what makes u stay and hold on, what makes u give it all up together and say it's over... is marriage just a 'thing' u go through in life? or is it something really sacred..

many questions that don't have a definite answer.. i guess it all comes down to the individual themselves to define it... there are some that say it's sacred, that's why there's the whole ceremony and celebrating the day, it's official, 'i'm stuck with u'.. there are some that don't see the point of it.. there are couple who's been together for the longest time and don't think a piece of paper could make a difference...

but really, is marriage something that u wanna do today, but may not want to tomorrow.. is it that easy to end it? and let's just put kim's case aside cuz frankly, u can't have a reality show n not make people think that ur marriage is a publicity stunt.. i mean come on, what would u expect? u had a full 4 hours of a show just to show the 'drama' of it.. so yeah, with that aside, what about ur everyday person? what about us muslims? i'm not sure about other religion, but i haven't heard that if they say 'i'll divorce u' then that's the end.. i mean some poeple need to go to the court and file for divorce and the 2 will need to sign papers and only then will it be official.. but (correct me if i'm wrong), us muslims, once the husband utter those words, then u're more or less already divorced.. there is the whole process of going through court and all, but u can't stay with each other right? so in that case, how easy is it to just say those words and end something sacred? and through it all, what makes a long lasting happy marriage...

words are a powerfull tool.. use them wisely..