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Friday, April 29, 2011

I Miss My Family

i'm missing u, girl even tho u're right here by my side.....

hhmmm havn't seen my family for a while.. n when i mean see, i mean spending time with them.. it's different if i'm away, but when u're still staying under one roof, but barely see each other, it kinda sux..

so i've been spending most of my time in the office the past week.. still at the office now at 11:26pm.. project is approaching it's dateline so everyone is so tensed up here.. so much going on, sometimes it's a little too much for me.. other departments are asked to chip in.. they even flew staff from Singapore to help us out.. and with that, i'm having a hard time trying to work together with that considering i'm the only malay here.. it shouldn't really be aproblem actually since i was used to it in college.. but at least they speak english when we need to work together.. i'm not blaming them n language can't really be that big of a barrier right? i think when u add one thing to another, things get heavier..

and after playing sims for so long, i now trully understand the word fatigue.. i need rest and a great massage... need to catch up on my sleep too.. although i've slept late n woke up early before, i've never been so sleep deprived like this before.. too much things going on..

so i've decided, after tuesday (i hope we manage to cut over by then) other than having a 'celebration' with the team, i wanna have a nice dinner or lunch with my family... although we're not the type that snuggle with each other, going through this just makes me miss my family a lot... huge headache so i'll just sign off now..

wish us luck people

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Frustration and A Whole Lot of Disappointment

One Word.....

.... Arsenal....

Friday, April 22, 2011

Gone Too Soon

That seems to be the quote ppl tend to use now whenever someone they knew has passed on.. this may be a lil' too late but nevertheless, the news of AJ Perez passing really shocked me.. he was involved in an accident onApril 17th, which was horrifying.. i'm no big fan obviously, but i did watch some series he acted in particularly Abt Ur Luv and Abt Ur Luv Lyf 2.. i even added him in Myspace once (guilty =b) so yeah, knowing that someone's life, that young, could be cut short in a split of a second is really disturbing.. it's not something that you could anticipate.. n definitely something you wish would never happen.. nevertheless, the possibility is always there...

too tired to post about the team building but will deffinitely do that soon.. project is almost done.. finally.. hope everyone has a good weekend..

Thursday, April 21, 2011

1Malaysia emails???

wtf?? that's the most ridiculous thing ever..we've already got our own emails, in fact i've got 2..why would i need a 3rd one so i can 'communicate better' with the government?? r they saying that if we email them using yahoo or gmail, they'll won't consider that a priority to answer?? am i missing something here? do tell me..

if u have rm50 million to spend, why not spend it on something more useful.. Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs ppl... ever heard of that?? if there are ppl who can't afford to have a decent meal in a day, what makes u think that they would care about a stupid email.. n where do u expect them to use it, may i ask?? their invisible computer?? day in day out the government has made it possible to prove how absurd they can be.. for once, could u make one brilliant decision that at least make sense to little minds like mine... could u at least act that u are doing u're best to improve this country and not just helping ur cronies to make more money than they deserve...

whatever it is, i hope the government is wise enough to not go through their stupid projects of spending rm50 million on emails and rm5 billion mega tower.. u take that money, and go build better homes for the poor, make sure they have access to clean water and electricity, get kids to school instead of helping their parents work to earn extra for a living, better facilities in the urban areas and such... basically make better use of those money n make sure Malaysians enjoy their basic needs first before venturing to other things.. how could u live with urself, knowing that while u have a mansion to live in n eat with silver spoons, there are other, ur responsibilities, that have leaking roofs and barely enough to eat.. how could u preach that u put the citizens first when that's not what u practise.. remember, ur Rakyat is not limited to ur cronies k..

just my 2 cents

Monday, April 18, 2011


Getting up from bed this morning was excruciating.. every inch of my body ache n my eyes was heavier then usual..  that's whut u get when u're unfit  =b  finished our Team Building over the weekend at PD.. at least it was better then whut i expected.. tiring yes, but it was also fun.. if u take away all the serious part that is...

the staff committee could use more coordination.. D'Jungle team was a blast.. it was my first experience on that so can't really compare.. super tired la, not enough rest.. will blog about it more later..

Friday, April 15, 2011


Just read an interesting piece in the papers this was an interview with Marc Woods, four-time Paralympic gold medallist, who had one of his leg amputated below the knee due to bone cancer.. the interview asked "Has being disabled stopped you from doing what you want to do?" here's his answer..

-- Well, I think it is easy to have misconceptions about what it means to have a disability. My favourite question I get asked - and I only get asked this at primary schools - is "what is it like to be disabled?" Now that's a great question only a five, six, seven year old would ask, because adults are too embarassed. What I would say to these children is: Before I answer that question, let me ask you two questions. First, who is the most disabled person in this room? They'll say "You, you've got only one leg." Okay, that's fine, I can accept that. Then I'll ask "Who's the fastest swimmer in this room?" And they'll say "You are, because you have a gold medal." Then I'll say "Now who's disabled at swimming, me or you?"

The point I'm trying to make is that disability is relative to the task. We're all good at some things and not so good at others. So I think that the Paralympic Games, for example, is an opportunity to educate people to look at disability in a different way, to say don't judge people on the thing that they cannot do, but on the thousands of things that they can.--

Now ain't that something.. Good vibes to start my day...

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Quickie for the umpth time

don't have the urge to write.. nuthing much happening... lets start of with a huge Good Luck and All The Best to my lil sis for her exams.. this time, no emergency2 break driving back yer.. nnt rosak tyre keta sy  =b

work has been hectic.. we're reaching our last phase before cutover n going live with the new system.. sucks big time, lets not talk about it... this weekend we'll be having our team building at Avillion @ PD.. 50/50 about it..

no mood for much stuff.. enjoy slacking at home with my family.. nothing much otherwise.. -out-

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Just Go With It

whuzzaapp.. finally managed to watch a movie last night with lil sis n cousin.. bummer cuz big sis wasn't with us *sob sob* no movie this year? will deffinitely go watch source code with her hehehe we watched Just Go With It.. typical romcom so the ending is predictable.. i guess for this kinda movies, u can't have a high expectation about the plot, cuz u deffinitely noe what u're getting.. but it's the comedy part that makes that movie fun.. i'll give it a whopping 8.5/10 for having genuinely funny jokes.. n i didn't noe dat Nicole Kidman was in it.. her character is so funny.. never knew she could act like dat.. highly recommended for those who like to unwind.. although it had some awkward part especially when ur watching it with ur cousin huhuhuh

before the movie, my sis n i went to watch some ppl played bowling... rindu gler.. can't wait for the next bowling outing with... anyone jer la..

izad, jom bowling...

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

What's Your Biggest Fear?

i'm not sure if it's my biggest fear, but one of the fears i have in life is having a mini-me as a child.. cuz honestly, i could be a real disappointment to parents (sorry mama & papa)... but really, growing up, i dun think i was among th easiest to raise.. especially in my teenage years, i think i've cause enough reason to make my parents have doubts about me or doesn't trust me.. there are things in life i did that i've greatfully regret, on top of things that i don't really regret but do acknowledge that their wrong.. but i learn as i age more, i've learn to have more control on myself, n not to let myself get carry forward with all the temporary highs in life..

anyway, whutever child i get, i'll certainly be grateful (ckp mcm org tgh ngandung =b )  i just hope that i can be half the mother my mum is to me.. i really hope that karma doesn't come and bite me in the back..

so tell me, what's ur biggest fear?
all the best to my colleague Aja who's having her 2nd child anythime soon...

Monday, April 04, 2011

What's Up Doc

totally not in the mood to write right now.. had a good weekend.. went out with my mum n sisters (who else?) to Ikea to look for a new bed n new closet for us.. we had Ikea's Meeatballs n Chicken Leg before that was fun cuz my lil sister was craaayyyzzzzyyyy ...

yes, that's supposed to be a chair.. no, we didn't buy it cuz we couldn't find the kaki.. apparently, they were placed separately...

drop off mum, then we went to Sogo cuz apparently there was a sale going on there... massive crowd, so we went up.. managed to buy 2 pairs of pants.. sadly, the reason for the new pants is cuz i can't fit the ones i currently have, so i have no choice but to buy new ones which are a size bigger huhuhuh go figure.. then went to eat at Secret Recipe.. yaya had Tiramisu, izad had Lamb Pie n i over sket, i had Tom Yam Kung.. but no pic of that cuz xnmpk yummy hahaha i'll put a pic of my drink instead k..

so he head off to some tudung shops, n for the first time in my life, i borong tudung huhuhuh yup, i bought 4 tudung.. shocking, i noe.. anyway, we head home at 6 something i think.. then next day went for breakfast at our 'new spot' Original Kayu Kota Damanasara... well, not so sure if it's called breakfast if we're eating at 12 noon.. oklar, lunch kot cuz i had nasi n they didn't have roti canai or tosai anymore at that time.. n since we were there late (as opposed to the last time we were there), papa decided to go on a shopping spree at Al-Ikhsan for some shirts n new jogging shoes, n also Gulatis for new batik shirt.. look what we found at Al-Ikhsan..

cool rite.. i like the bright colours.. not for me but deffinitely awesome pair to own hehehe another weird thing i did that weekend was buying more durians!!! gosh, i donnoe what's up with me these days.. it's all i've been craving n i think i've already had too much.. i bought some last week n they didn't taste so good n now when i bought a bit, they tasted super yummy... huhuhuhu