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Thursday, April 21, 2011

1Malaysia emails???

wtf?? that's the most ridiculous thing ever..we've already got our own emails, in fact i've got 2..why would i need a 3rd one so i can 'communicate better' with the government?? r they saying that if we email them using yahoo or gmail, they'll won't consider that a priority to answer?? am i missing something here? do tell me..

if u have rm50 million to spend, why not spend it on something more useful.. Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs ppl... ever heard of that?? if there are ppl who can't afford to have a decent meal in a day, what makes u think that they would care about a stupid email.. n where do u expect them to use it, may i ask?? their invisible computer?? day in day out the government has made it possible to prove how absurd they can be.. for once, could u make one brilliant decision that at least make sense to little minds like mine... could u at least act that u are doing u're best to improve this country and not just helping ur cronies to make more money than they deserve...

whatever it is, i hope the government is wise enough to not go through their stupid projects of spending rm50 million on emails and rm5 billion mega tower.. u take that money, and go build better homes for the poor, make sure they have access to clean water and electricity, get kids to school instead of helping their parents work to earn extra for a living, better facilities in the urban areas and such... basically make better use of those money n make sure Malaysians enjoy their basic needs first before venturing to other things.. how could u live with urself, knowing that while u have a mansion to live in n eat with silver spoons, there are other, ur responsibilities, that have leaking roofs and barely enough to eat.. how could u preach that u put the citizens first when that's not what u practise.. remember, ur Rakyat is not limited to ur cronies k..

just my 2 cents