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Friday, April 22, 2011

Gone Too Soon

That seems to be the quote ppl tend to use now whenever someone they knew has passed on.. this may be a lil' too late but nevertheless, the news of AJ Perez passing really shocked me.. he was involved in an accident onApril 17th, which was horrifying.. i'm no big fan obviously, but i did watch some series he acted in particularly Abt Ur Luv and Abt Ur Luv Lyf 2.. i even added him in Myspace once (guilty =b) so yeah, knowing that someone's life, that young, could be cut short in a split of a second is really disturbing.. it's not something that you could anticipate.. n definitely something you wish would never happen.. nevertheless, the possibility is always there...

too tired to post about the team building but will deffinitely do that soon.. project is almost done.. finally.. hope everyone has a good weekend..