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Tuesday, April 05, 2011

What's Your Biggest Fear?

i'm not sure if it's my biggest fear, but one of the fears i have in life is having a mini-me as a child.. cuz honestly, i could be a real disappointment to parents (sorry mama & papa)... but really, growing up, i dun think i was among th easiest to raise.. especially in my teenage years, i think i've cause enough reason to make my parents have doubts about me or doesn't trust me.. there are things in life i did that i've greatfully regret, on top of things that i don't really regret but do acknowledge that their wrong.. but i learn as i age more, i've learn to have more control on myself, n not to let myself get carry forward with all the temporary highs in life..

anyway, whutever child i get, i'll certainly be grateful (ckp mcm org tgh ngandung =b )  i just hope that i can be half the mother my mum is to me.. i really hope that karma doesn't come and bite me in the back..

so tell me, what's ur biggest fear?
all the best to my colleague Aja who's having her 2nd child anythime soon...