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Friday, April 29, 2011

I Miss My Family

i'm missing u, girl even tho u're right here by my side.....

hhmmm havn't seen my family for a while.. n when i mean see, i mean spending time with them.. it's different if i'm away, but when u're still staying under one roof, but barely see each other, it kinda sux..

so i've been spending most of my time in the office the past week.. still at the office now at 11:26pm.. project is approaching it's dateline so everyone is so tensed up here.. so much going on, sometimes it's a little too much for me.. other departments are asked to chip in.. they even flew staff from Singapore to help us out.. and with that, i'm having a hard time trying to work together with that considering i'm the only malay here.. it shouldn't really be aproblem actually since i was used to it in college.. but at least they speak english when we need to work together.. i'm not blaming them n language can't really be that big of a barrier right? i think when u add one thing to another, things get heavier..

and after playing sims for so long, i now trully understand the word fatigue.. i need rest and a great massage... need to catch up on my sleep too.. although i've slept late n woke up early before, i've never been so sleep deprived like this before.. too much things going on..

so i've decided, after tuesday (i hope we manage to cut over by then) other than having a 'celebration' with the team, i wanna have a nice dinner or lunch with my family... although we're not the type that snuggle with each other, going through this just makes me miss my family a lot... huge headache so i'll just sign off now..

wish us luck people