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Monday, April 04, 2011

What's Up Doc

totally not in the mood to write right now.. had a good weekend.. went out with my mum n sisters (who else?) to Ikea to look for a new bed n new closet for us.. we had Ikea's Meeatballs n Chicken Leg before that was fun cuz my lil sister was craaayyyzzzzyyyy ...

yes, that's supposed to be a chair.. no, we didn't buy it cuz we couldn't find the kaki.. apparently, they were placed separately...

drop off mum, then we went to Sogo cuz apparently there was a sale going on there... massive crowd, so we went up.. managed to buy 2 pairs of pants.. sadly, the reason for the new pants is cuz i can't fit the ones i currently have, so i have no choice but to buy new ones which are a size bigger huhuhuh go figure.. then went to eat at Secret Recipe.. yaya had Tiramisu, izad had Lamb Pie n i over sket, i had Tom Yam Kung.. but no pic of that cuz xnmpk yummy hahaha i'll put a pic of my drink instead k..

so he head off to some tudung shops, n for the first time in my life, i borong tudung huhuhuh yup, i bought 4 tudung.. shocking, i noe.. anyway, we head home at 6 something i think.. then next day went for breakfast at our 'new spot' Original Kayu Kota Damanasara... well, not so sure if it's called breakfast if we're eating at 12 noon.. oklar, lunch kot cuz i had nasi n they didn't have roti canai or tosai anymore at that time.. n since we were there late (as opposed to the last time we were there), papa decided to go on a shopping spree at Al-Ikhsan for some shirts n new jogging shoes, n also Gulatis for new batik shirt.. look what we found at Al-Ikhsan..

cool rite.. i like the bright colours.. not for me but deffinitely awesome pair to own hehehe another weird thing i did that weekend was buying more durians!!! gosh, i donnoe what's up with me these days.. it's all i've been craving n i think i've already had too much.. i bought some last week n they didn't taste so good n now when i bought a bit, they tasted super yummy... huhuhuhu